22 Chain Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Chain tattoo meanings

The chain is probably one of the most controversial characters. So, the first associations are «slavery», «slavery,» «defeated.» These values ​​are reflected in Christianity, as in the texts of Scripture, and in the images. In this context, the image has a positive value of broken circuits. In Old Europe, for example, in England, the ghosts appear necessarily entangled chains as a symbol of their sins and transgressions.

has a positive value, for example, a gold chain, which in ancient times was a sign of the privileges nobles. As its value is often interpreted as «union of heaven and earth», which appears on the prayer of the Lord. Other positive values ​​tattoo chain: unity, wholeness, infinity


Based on the fundamental values ​​of a chain of tattoo can mean the unity of the two loving hearts. Broken chain — freedom of thought, independence. Often a special meaning that character betray the carriers of various subcultures, such as fans of rock or bikers.

Possible locations on the body

A popular option is the image of a thin chain, often with the addition of various elements, in the women’s ankle or wrist. Representatives of the stronger sex betray masculinity rough chain, for example, on the biceps.

тату солнцеворот 1

Powerful amulet


Courage, strength, courage

Photos and designs

rosary-with-a-cross-tattoo skeleton key and lock with chain leg tattoo wpid-OiXRY2PdH9U Wrist-Broken-Chain-Tattoos Тату крест с цепочкой Тату цепь на запястье OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Тату цепь на часах Татуировка цепь на запястье Татуировка цепь на щиколотке Фото тату крест с цепью Фото тату с цепью на запястье Фото тату цепь Фото татуировки цепь на руке chain-04 crosses-tattoos-chain-for-women-designs-signs Forearm-Tattoos-42 foto_cvetnaja_tatu_na_pleche_parnja_cep girls-copying-nicole-richie-foot-tattoo-63-pics_27 Gun-Tattoos-94 Img259848_chain_tattoo my front 2

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