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Chameleon tattoo meanings

Of all the reptiles chameleon tattoo is the most popular. Increasingly chameleon image is a symbol of the art of tattoos, as his image in color is able to convey the skill tattoo artist.

This amphibian skin color changes in order to disguise. Chameleon is not always reproduces color background, which is in the details, but he was able to tune out the general background of the medium. This makes it unique and different from all animals. Reptile changes color not only to become invisible, but also expressing feeling. Bright color indicates the health of the chameleon, and dull colors indicate that the chameleon is not all right.


As a symbol of amphibian means adaptability to the environment, the diversity of the inner world, an extraordinary personality. Chameleon is considered a sign of creativity, finding ways of development, flexibility and creativity in ideas.

chameleon tattoo reflects such positive character traits of the person:

  • originality;
  • creative nature;
  • spiritual wealth;
  • extravagance;
  • resistance to external stimuli.

Often such people with tattoos say yourself that adapt to any situation without difficulty. These individuals are able to cope with life’s difficulties to overcome and go through all the trouble that rewards fate. People with tattoos chameleon send information to the outside world that they are willing to change for the better.

Chameleon — an exotic animal, his little portrayed peoples in antiquity. It is known that a chameleon was considered the element of air. Ancient people believed that the amphibian is powered by the winds. Tribes in Africa, thanks to its ability to catch prey with lightning speed, belonged to a chameleon, as a sacred animal, honored him and sacrificed. The tribes believed that the reptile can send rain and thunderstorms. Pygmies believed that a chameleon was an assistant to the gods at the time of the creation of man on earth. In the Christian religion chameleon is identified with the devil, which is the purpose of deception also changed its appearance.


If you think about the amazing abilities chameleon eyes that independently rotate the reptile becomes a symbol of agility, focus on goals, the ability to wait a while.

Tattoo chameleon has a double meaning. The constant color change implies the absence of a person of principles, web and personal opinion. Man chameleon changes the decision or behavior depending on the situation.

Chameleon symbolizes that a person fits in any society as their own, but does not keep his «I».

amphibious tattoo can expose negative human characteristics:

  • opportunism;
  • willfulness;
  • the desire to adjust to the opinion of the crowd;
  • the use of flattery and cunning to achieve the objectives.

It is possible to treat the chameleon character and as a force that is able to play by someone else’s rules, while maintaining themselves. Which option is more appropriate, you choose. We recommend to think twice before stuffing tattoo chameleon. This symbol will bring good luck strong personality. People who need to strengthen its determination and firmness of character, it is advisable to choose another tattoo.

Tattoo chameleon stuffed in color as monochrome embodiment does not transmit the image semantic load. There are lots of interesting sketches tattoo chameleon. In the photo a few of them are presented. Ask the master to fill a tattoo in the form of a cartoon character in Maori style, realism and old school. Professional tattoo parlor to fulfill your wishes. Double the value of the tattoo chameleon is not able to scare a strong personality.


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