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The chameleon tattoo is the most popular of all the reptiles. Increasingly, the image of a chameleon is a symbol of the art of tattoos, since its image in color can convey the skill of a tattoo artist.

This amphibian changes skin color for the purpose of camouflage. Chameleon does not always reproduce the color of the background, which is in detail, but it is able to adjust to the general background of the environment. This makes it unique and unlike all animals. The reptile changes color, not only to become invisible, but also expressing well-being. The bright color indicates the health of the chameleon, and the dull colors signal that the chameleon is not all right.

As a symbol this amphibian means adaptability to the environment, the diversity of the inner world, the non-ordinary personality. Chameleon is considered a sign of creativity, a search for development paths, flexibility and creativity in ideas.

The chameleon tattoo reflects such positive traits of a person’s character:

  • originality;
  • creative nature;
  • spiritual wealth;
  • extravagance;
  • resistance to external stimuli.

Often, these tattoos are celebrated by people who easily adapt to any life situation. These individuals are able to cope with life’s difficulties, overcome and survive all the troubles, which reward fate. People with chameleon tattoo send information to the outside world that they are ready to change for the better.

Chameleon is an exotic animal, few nationalities depicted it in antiquity. It is known that the chameleon was considered an element of air. Ancient people believed that the amphibian feeds on the winds. The tribes in Africa treated the chameleon as a sacred animal, revered it and sacrificed due to their ability to catch the booty with lightning speed. The tribes believed that a reptile could send rain and thunder. Pygmies believed that the chameleon was an assistant to the gods at the time of the creation of man on earth. The chameleon is identified with the devil in the Christian religion, who also changed his appearance with the purpose of deception.


If we recall the amazing abilities of the chameleon’s eyes, which independently rotate, the reptile will become a symbol of dexterity, focus on goals, ability to wait time.

The chameleon tattoo has a double meaning. The constant change in coloration implies the absence of principles, core and personal opinions. A chameleon man changes the decision or behavior depending on the situation.

Chameleon symbolizes that a person in any society fits like his own, but does not preserve his “I”.

A tattoo of an amphibian can expose the negative characteristics of a person:

  • Adaptation;
  • willfulness;
  • the desire to adjust to the opinion of the crowd;
  • the use of flattery and cunning to achieve goals.

You can treat the chameleon symbol and as a force that is able to play by someone else’s rules while keeping yourself. Which option is more suitable, choose you. We recommend you to think carefully before making a chameleon tattoo. This symbol will bring good luck to a strong personality. we advise you to choose another tattoo to people who need to strengthen their determination and steadfastness of character.

Chameleon tattoos are made in color, as the one-color version of the performance does not convey the image’s semantic load. There are many interesting sketches of chameleon tattoo. Several of them are presented in the photo. Ask the master to fill a tattoo in the form of a cartoon character, in the Maori, realism or old school style. Professional tattoo parlor will fulfill your wishes. The double meaning of a chameleon tattoo is not capable of frightening a strong personality.

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