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Che Gevara tattoo meaning

The famous politician Che Guevara most people associate with the Cuban Revolution, but not everyone knows that it also acted in the territory of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and in other countries (data are declassified). In order to highlight its origin, he used the nickname Che, which is a common treatment in Argentina. Comandante Contemporaries described him as a strong leader, strong-willed person who is able to fight for justice and answer for their actions.

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For the majority of the portrait of Che Guevara has become a brand. His appearance portray on the bags, caps, T-shirts, but for some this is not enough, and so the portrait of the Argentine leader applied to the body. Probably, this fashion for tattoos with the image of a rebel and revolutionary Ernesto Che Guevara due to the fact that his portrait is immortalized on his body some modern stars, these include the boxer Mike Tyson.

The tattoo of Che Guevara is at present the owner of rebelliousness and dissent, demands for change. Often, today’s young people choose a tattoo to say that does not recognize any authority and nobody would obey.

In general portrait Comandante immortalized in her arms, back or chest. Portrait Argentine Rebel can prick a contour or a color image volume, and with or without a cigar. If desired, a tattoo of Che Guevara can be made more personal: the master may further chop any popular sayings famous revolutionary, such as «It is better to die standing than to spend all his life on his knees.» In addition, you can select the language in which you will be impaled phrase: Spanish or Russian. Famed leader of the struggle against world imperialism can hardly imagine such a posthumous fame.


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Портрет Че Гевары в татуировке Тату с портретом Че Гевары Тату Че Гевара на плече Тату Че Гевара на ступне Тату че гевара Татуировка с Че Татуировка Че Гевара на плече Татуировка Че Гевара Фото татуировки Че Гевара Фото Че Гевары Че Гевара тату Тайсона Эскиз тату Че Гевара tattoo-arm-realistic-portrait-che tatu_izvestnost-3 tatu_izvestnost-4 tatuagens-do-che-guevara-17 wpid-x_f12ffa011 Картинка Че Гевара

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