45 Cheetah Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women


The fastest animal on the planet is the cheetah. They do not look like other big cats. The developed musculature, lack of fat depots, comparatively low weight and good aerodynamic properties made the animal unique. At first glance, the predator looks fragile and unable to attack large animals, but as soon as the prey appears in sight, the first impression is dispelled.

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This is a very dangerous opponent, because he is not only able to develop a stunning speed, but also to properly mask, waiting for the victim. Cheetahs are unsurpassed hunters, therefore in the 10th century they were used in hunting for deer, antelope.

The use of a cheetah in a tattoo has a profound meaning. Traditionally, the animal symbolizes speed, the desire to achieve the goal, some kind of aggression, greatness. According to the connoisseurs of tattoo art, the meaning of the cheetah tattoo depends on how the animal is depicted. Animal grin in the tattoo art symbolizes the aggression and cruelty of the owner of such an image. The animal in the jump symbolizes the aspiration to achieve the set goals, activity, purposefulness. Predators of the cat family differ in greatness. These characteristics are transferred to the owner of the tattoo. The image of an animal on a tree or crouching symbolizes grace, slenderness, agility.

Tattoo predator is quite popular among girls. It reflects female grace, speed in decision-making, wisdom.

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