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Cherries tattoo meaning

Cherry is traditionally considered an attribute of Asian culture. Most often mention this tree can be found in Japan, where especially revere its beauty and grace. Today we will talk about the place of culture in cherry tattoos, about how it is portrayed on the body, and what is the point gets.

I must immediately make a reservation — almost 100% of cases with a cherry tattoo done by young girls who want to emphasize their sexuality, femininity and cheerful character. Even so, this rather spicy character on the female body is admired and interest from representatives of a strong half of mankind. However, having analyzed our photo gallery tattoo cherries, we tried to find out how often depict cherry tattoo, and what could be the meaning of such tattoos.

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The options and values cherry tattoo

  1. Cherries on the branch. What tattoo symbolizes virginity, innocence and purity of its owner. Unpicked berries at all times regarded as a sign of purity and pristine beauty.
  2. Plucked cherries. This is the most common option, which is found on the bodies of women. Most often, such tattoos do not attach much importance, but if cherries on a branch represent innocence, then plucked berries can be characterized as a more mature girl, sexy and playful. The most admired in men causes cherries tattooed on the ass of a beautiful girl. This can be perceived as a commitment to new acquaintances, openness and friendliness. And of course, this is just beautiful and the relevant symbol.

  3. Cherries in icicles. This is an interesting and unusual story is rather difficult to interpret unambiguously. It can be assumed that the ice could mean some restraint, a kind of armor behind which beauty and sexuality.

  4. In addition, the cherry can be complementary to other drawings. The most popular example of this tattoo — cherry on the cake or sweet pastries. All of this can be attributed to the typical female subjects that will be relevant and appropriate to look at the skin of almost any young girl.

It is necessary to present to you, our dear readers, a collection of photos and sketches cherry tattoo.

тату дуб 1

Power, strength, endurance

тату перец 25

The severity of the risk

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Photos and designs

Тату с вишенками на плече девушки Тату вишня на груди девушки Тату вишня на боку Тату вишня на боку Тату вишня в кусочке льда Тату вишенки Тату вишенки на топе Тату вишенки на боку Тату вишенки за ухом Парная татуировка вишенки Маленькая тату вишенки Маленькая тату вишенки на животе Интимная татуировка вишенки Значение тату вишенки Двойная татуировка вишня Вишенки. Татуировка Эскиз тату вишня ЧБ тату вишня Фото тату с вишней Татуировки с вишенками на икрах Татуировка с вишней на шее Татуировка замороженная вишня Татуировка вишня-динамит

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