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Perhaps the most famous book by L. Carroll «Alice in Wonderland» today is an integral part of world literature. It is read with pleasure by both children and adults, again and again admiring the bright characters of the book and the original storyline.

After reading the book or watching the movie in memory, above all, remains the most original character — the Cheshire cat. And a lot of people are so much falling in love with this unique image that they decide to perpetuate it on their own skin in the form of a tattoo.

The tattoo of Cheshire cat, as a rule, is a famous expression of the character of the book: a wide, cheerful smile. The hero of L. Carroll had the ability to instantly disappear and appear when it was needed.

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In my opinion, the main significance of the Cheshire cat tattoo is the unquenchable optimism, a good sense of humor and cheerfulness. Such a tattoo is suitable for men or women who, despite the complexities of modern life, do not lose their love for life and are able to make the right decision at the right time.

It is difficult to recommend any particular place and manner of performance for a tattoo of Cheshire cat. You will find both small black and white drawings on shoulder or shoulder blade, and colorful massive works on the back in our collection. Everything depends on individual preferences. And where would you portray such an interesting story? Write in the comments!


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