32 Chimera Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women


It is customary to take images of various creatures from ancient mythology in the art of drawing body pictures. One of the vivid examples is the image of the chimera, which had a frightening appearance and was a great danger to human life.

The chimera tattoo is certainly drawn by the master with the presence of all its elements, namely:

  • tail in the form of a snake;
  • claws;
  • Wiry body;
  • head of a goat;
  • canine teeth;
  • neck of the lion;
  • sometimes with wings.

The owner of such a tattoo has a strong personality, which alone can resist the whole society. A person is ready to pay attention to himself and has an unusual way of thinking. Person’s interest in mysticism, as well as aggression and belief in destiny can be considered the main meaning of the chimera tattoo.

The tattoo of this creature has an identical meaning, both in the European and in the eastern culture of the body pictures. The sketch of the picture for the master is difficult to execute, because it requires painting a lot of small details.


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