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Circle tattoo meanings

Impressed by the drawings on the body of Jared Leto as a shooter, we decided to develop the theme of geometric tattoos. Today we will speak about the tattoo circle. I must say that in recent years clearly a trend to an increase in the popularity of such styles as the abstract, watercolor and trash polka. Looking ahead, I will say that in our gallery of photos of tattoo in the form of circles you will see several works in such style.

They are characterized by rough strokes, indistinct borders and create a kind of negligence effect.

Татуировка круг треш полька

The significance of tattoos circle we have said in many articles. The figure, which has no beginning or end, a symbol of harmony, eternity, balance of the universe. In a circle represents the sun and the moon. This figure represents the cyclical nature of life, even the passage of time, the unity of the beginning and the end. Subject to the availability of additional elements, tattoo circle can accept new values. And we will try to summarize. The main value of the tattoo in the form of a circle:

  • cyclicality;
  • eternity;
  • harmony.

At the end of you as always waiting for our gallery of photographs and sketches. We look forward to your opinion on the geometric tattoos in the comments to the article!

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