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Clocks tattoo meanings

Tattoo with a clock — one of the most powerful characters with deep philosophical subtext. Of course, there are enough frivolous people tattoos on their wrists in the form of gold watches and the like. These pictures are not great sense and should be made, as a rule, at a young age. Despite this, in most cases, the owners of tattoos with an hourglass or clock face approach to the choice of drawing very seriously and put in it a great hidden meaning.

The first value hourglass tattoo is, above all, the value of time . The dial represents the finiteness of life, each of us is released. For its owner tattooed this serves as a reminder that it is impossible to live a life in vain, to spend time and energy in vain. In addition, a tattoo with the image clock can be a reminder of the inevitability of death, which, as you know, waiting for everyone. From close within the meaning of the subjects you can cite as an example the image of sakura, flowering only 2 weeks a year. Read more about this tattoo can be read in the corresponding article.

The second meaning of the tattoo clocks connected with the desire of man to capture some life event. As it is known, currently the only way to monitor, calculate and memorize events of life. So, with the help of arrows, you can fix the time of the birth or death of a loved one, any personal achievements or other events which seem important to you.

Another common value is associated with the tattoo, which depicts a face without hands. This is one of the most difficult and sad stories, expressing the regret aimlessly spent life and useless time spent. On the other hand, such a tattoo can be a stimulus for the motion, the motivation to set a goal and achieve it. And even after the crisis is passed, and life will make sense, in the face, you can add arrows.

As you may have already noticed, a tattoo in the form of an hourglass suit people with melancholic and phlegmatic temperament, who are not afraid to reflect on complex subjects, including on matters of life and death. Options sketch tattoo hours can be a huge set.

With respect to the place where such a tattoo would look more relevant recommendations to give extremely difficult. You can say one thing — this is the case, when the value of the tattoos completely overrides any style image, though from an aesthetic point of view, it does not lag behind what you can see for yourself by looking chosen us sketches tattoo hours.


Path, road, adventure

Фото тату с замком и ключом
Замок и ключ

Subtlety, caution

Photos and designs

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