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Cloud tattoos

Clouds have many variants and different meanings. They may be part of the composition, as well as a separate element. Tattoo clouds — a universal idea. It put both women and men.

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The painting is located on any parts of the body. Color is selected purely individual. Tattoo belongs to men who give preference wanderings instead of life in one place. They tend not to have a deep attachment to life. Meaning tattoo clouds is as follows. This is life in motion, without material attachments and permanent relationship. Like clouds in the sky are not persistent, and people who cause a tattoo, prone to change.

The clouds often confer religious content. With air associated angels and heaven, so the cloud also symbolize the search for truth, the pursuit of sublime, finding harmony with each other. Constant torment in search of the truth leads to the fact that the owners of tattoos doom themselves to loneliness.

Storm clouds symbolize danger.

In prison tattoos cloud is used as a component of the tattoo. Gina on the background of clouds cause addicts. Also portrayed God above the clouds. This tattooed — ward. It is believed that it protects against justice.

Реалистичная тату луна

Feminine rebirth

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The desire for friendship, joy, happiness

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