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Clover tattoo meanings

Clover Tattoo is very popular among the visitors of modern tattoo parlors in the first place thanks to its numerous values. According to old beliefs, if a person finds a flower with four petals, then to get lucky by the tail . Since the nature of a clover are hard to find, people began to portray him on the body, to make themselves more successful in life.

значение-татуировки-клевер Значение-тату-клевер Значнеие-тату-клевера Значнеие-тату-трехлистный-клевер Значение-тату-клевер-на-ноге Клевер-внизу-живота Маленькая-татуировка-трехлистинка Маленькая-тату-клевер Красивая-тату-с-клевером Наколка-клевер-на-запястье

Clover symbol in all cultures and countries treated differently. In Christianity, trifoliate flower became the emblem of St. Patrick, which reflects the essence of the Christian faith: each petal symbolizes the unity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit


The Buddhists believed that the clover symbolizes the unity of body and soul . In China, it symbolizes the summer, while in India — and the Earth of the compass (north, south, east and west). The ancient Greeks portrayed on clover hats and robes of the gods. Some consider it a sign of loss, because this plant is very common to see the cemetery.

Prick on the body of this beautiful plant can be both women and men. But at the same value for each sex tattoo clover may vary.

A woman with a tattoo clover — nature is gentle, elegant and attractive. The man — bold, nimble owner of high spiritual power.

Наколка-трехлистный-клевер Парная-татуировка-клевер Тату-в-виде-четырехлистинка Наколка-с-клевером-на-плече Татуирвока-клевера-у-девушки

Flower is represented in two variations: with three or four lobes. But color can be anything: from the heavenly to the sea, from emerald green to dark green. Sometimes a tattoo with this plant make black or white, and in this case it looks quite original. Sometimes the flower is added lettering, numbers that have a special meaning for the owner of the tattoo.

Draw Clover can arbitrarily: it all depends on the client’s imagination and skill tattoo artist. This plant has a very simple form, so it can be used in many sketches. Clover tattoo can be done in the Celtic style, in the form of interwoven lines and nodes. And as the four-leaf clover tattoo is considered a symbol of good luck, it is often added to the similar figures by value, enhancing the effect of a talisman. This may be a horseshoe or a crown.

A flower with three petals symbolizes faith, hope, love. Therefore, at various tattoo photo clover can be met with a combination of ladybug — a symbol that has a similar meaning. Together with other plants and flowers, it looks no less advantageous and carries the same meaning: a rose — love, with violet — repentance.

тату нарцисс 30

Narcissistic, lightheadedness, vanity


Solitude, loneliness

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Татуировка-клевер-за-ухом Татуировка-клевер-на-боку Татуировка-клевер-на-кисти-руки Татуировка-клевер-на-лопатке-девушки Татуировка-клевер-на-шее Татуировка-четерехлистный-клевер-на-плече Тату-клевера Татуировка-клевер-на-ребрах Татуировка-клевер-с-подковами Татуировка-клевер-чб Тату-клевер-на-запястье Тату-клевер-на-ладони Тату-клевер-на-лопатке Тату-клевер-на-ребре-ладони Тату-клевер-и-ловец-снов Тату-клевер-на-ступне Тату-клевер-с-надписью Тату-клевер-с-якорем Тату-клевер-с-черепом Тату-клевер-на-стопе Тату-ласточка-с-клевером Тату-с-изображением-трехлистника тату-трехлистный-клевер Тату-четырехлистный-клевер Тату-с-клевером-на-кисти-руки Эскиз-татуировки-четырехлистинк Фото-татуировки-в-видео-клевера Фото-тату-с-клевером Фото-тату-четырехлистного-клевера Фото-тату-клевера Фотография-тату-клевер-на-шее

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