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Colibri tattoo meanings

The family of hummingbirds are the smallest birds in the world. Their size is limited to about six centimeters, and the weight of two grams. Despite the tiny size it is extremely mobile, quarrelsome creation. Moreover, hummingbirds incredibly brave: despite the unimpressive size, they attack larger birds. Flying hummingbird characteristic incredible speed and maneuverability. Some individuals develop the flight speed of 80 km/h.


Meaning tattoo hummingbird — freedom, optimism, love for life . Flight of the hummingbird symbolizes easy, laid-back attitude to life. Ancient Mayan tribes used hummingbird feathers for making a love potion, which adds yet another meaning: a symbol of love. Sometimes the image of the birds can be found in the pair of lovers as a tattoo that represents loyalty and devotion. In general, a hummingbird tattoo for those who live a bright life, enjoying every moment and not afraid of difficulties. A distinctive feature of this bird also is that it can hover in place, attracting the attention of all living things around. This trait is transferred and the holder of such a picture on the body: the desire to be the center of attention, in plain sight.

How and where to draw?

In the image of the hummingbird is not stable canons or rules. In nature, there are hundreds of sub-species of birds, each of which has its own color. Therefore, when creating a sketch is recommended to choose your favorite color. Colibri is well suited to the image of the body small areas: the abdomen, on the shoulder, shoulder blade, collarbone, shin, foot. At the end of the article — a couple of interesting sketches and photo hummingbird tattoo. You will surely enjoy the value and image of peacock on the body! It’s really interesting.

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The life force, swiftness, beauty

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The ability to adapt to any conditions

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