38 Crab Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Crab tattoo meanings

At first glance, the crab tattoo may seem rather unusual, but in fact this image carries a really deep meaning.

The crab is a sea creature, symbolized above all, favor the water element, the protection of sea gods. Historically, especially popular crab images were in the East. Crab gave protection to seafarers and travelers, protecting them from troubles and dangers that lie in wait on the road. The Egyptians believed that the crab is symbol of renewal and rebirth , in Greece is attributed to him communicate with the higher powers that have the support of the people in their endeavors. The Incas were inclined to see crabs danger: it was thought that it was a crab every night tears off a piece of the moon, causing it to turn into a month


The value of a tattoo in the form of a crab can be interpreted from two sides:

  • First, crab due to its sturdy shell, able to endure any hardship and inconvenience. From this point of view, such a tattoo — a symbol of durability and reliability, security, self-confidence;
  • Second, the crab has strong claws that allow it not only to defend but also to attack any offender. Meaning tattoo depicting a crab with pincers open — determination, courage and strength of character
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The drawings in the form of a crab to decorate their body often chosen by men, but it is a good idea and a bold and purposeful girl who wants to emphasize their strength and independence. Crab will look good both on the forearm and on the back (especially if it will be located symmetrically with respect to the spine). Also good example of such a tattoo on the calf or on the wrist.

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тату скат 1

The desire for freedom and independence


Wisdom, eternity, variability

Photos and designs

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