40 Crane Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women


The paintings of birds as tattoos on the body are chosen by both men and women. But many self-confident, strong-minded men prefer to choose the birds of prey images as a natural amulet. They are sure that such a talisman can save from many adversities and troubles. This image is chosen equally by men and women. The image of this bird takes on a somewhat warlike appearance on the muscular male body, the crane looks gently and romantically on the female curves.

There are no special rules in choosing a place for a crane tattoo. Such a pattern will be appropriate both on the back and chest, and on the shoulder and hip. It is important to choose the right proportions in accordance with the constitution of your body. Larger tattoos will look spectacular on a large space, small birds are appropriate on small areas of the wrist, shoulder, ankles.


It is impossible to determine the meaning of the crane tattoo unequivocally, because in different countries this bird was endowed with different qualities: wisdom, fidelity, longevity. Such symbols are attributed to this bird by the Japanese. Chinese are sure that cranes symbolize immortality – these people draw an analogy to birds carrying away a human soul in life.

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It would seem that all the symbolism of birds is entirely positive. But this is not so. For example, in Indians, cranes are associated with images of traitors. Therefore, the meaning of the crane tattoo in this country acquires a completely different — negative meaning.

Europeans still deify cranes today, considering them to be the harbingers of joyous events and the coming changes for the better and for prosperity.

The people of different professions, religions and moral principles decorate their body. Although, as the tattoo artist remarks, this pattern is most often chosen by people with a balanced, complaisant character, devoid of cunning and expression, endowed with an active lifestyle.

If such a picture is applied to the body by a young girl, she most likely wants to emphasize her innocence and tenderness, her love for the parents’ house. Men are more likely to express their courage and fearlessness.

Recently, the image of a paper crane — origami, as a symbol of weightlessness and ease of relations — is very popular.

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