40 Crane Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Crane tattoo meanings

Drawings of birds as tattoos on the body choose to themselves, both men and women. But many self-confident, strong-willed men prefer to choose the images of birds of prey as underwear talisman. They believe that such a talisman can protect against many adversities and troubles. You can not say about tattoos crane — a picture is selected equally to men and women. On the muscular male body image of this bird takes a few warlike appearance, female flexing crane looks gentle and romantic.

Special rules in deciding where tattooing is not a crane. This figure would be appropriate to both the back and chest, and the shoulders and hips. It is important to choose the right proportions according to your body constitution. Larger tattoos will look spectacular on the big space, small birds are appropriate in small areas of the wrist, shoulder, ankle.

What does the tattoo crane mean?

Unambiguously define the meaning of tattoo crane is impossible, because in many countries this bird was endowed with different qualities: wisdom, loyalty, longevity. Such symbols bird is credited with the Japanese. The Chinese believe that the cranes symbolize immortality — this nation an analogy birds blowing into being the human soul.

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It would seem that all the symbolism of birds entirely positive. But this is not the case. For example, the Indian crane synonymous with traitors. Therefore, the value of the tattoo pie in this country takes an entirely different — negative meaning


The Europeans today deify cranes, considering them as harbingers of happy events and future changes for the better, to the prosperity and well-being.

Decorate your body of people of different professions, religions and morals. However, as notice tattoo artists, this figure often choose people with a balanced, sweet temper , devoid of cunning and expression, endowed with an active lifestyle.


If a picture does to your body young girl, she is likely to want to emphasize their innocence and tenderness, love of the parental home. Men often try to express their bravery and courage.

In recent years, especially popular image of a paper crane — origami as a symbol of weightlessness and lightness relationships.


Vanity, narcissism, arrogance


Pure intentions, romance, innocence

Photos and designs

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