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Cross tattoo meanings

Tattoo with a cross, in my opinion, is one of the most stylish trends in tattoo art. But, before you opt for a suitable sketch, let us look at the types and differences of crosses. All uniquely invested in this tattoo spiritual and religious significance. Well, all right, but when you finish reading this article until the end, will know exactly what form the cross is right for you.

The first images of crosses were seen by the ancient Egyptians. In this rich culture to the different characters present a symbol of life — ankh , depicted in the form of a cross with a ring inside. The Assyrian civilization cross depicted within the ring, represented the sun and was an attribute of the god Ashur sun.

Long before the advent of Christianity throughout the world cross was used to refer to pagan gods and spirits, both good and evil. The most common cross was the appearance of Christianity, and is inextricably linked with the image of the crucifixion of Christ. Here are almost all known variants of the cross in various cultures.


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The value of cross tattoos, above all, spiritual. Someone puts into her closeness to God , someone — spiritual development . But in today’s world it is more aesthetic attribute whose value depends on the owner. Once the main religious symbol today is widely used artists show business, both as an accessory and as an underwear picture.

In a cross tattoo attracts many mysterious, mystical beauty and hidden meaning, which puts it himself winner of the drawing. Today becoming increasingly popular Scandinavian culture attributes — Celtic cross tattoo — and many willing to do tattoos in this style. Not less common gothic crosses.

Along with them on the body is often represented additional items (mainly — edged weapons). For a believer to find the best places for cross tattoos than the area of ​​the heart and the front side of the shoulder. In addition to the intricate patterns can decorate a picture rays, shadows, and other stylistic elements.

About a third of the tattoo artists are asked to draw a cross on a chain. The chain goes around the body part, which is applied to the image — the leg, arm or neck, which gives it extra volume. At the end of the article according to tradition a few photos and a cross tattoo designs.

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