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Crown tattoo meanings

Crown Tattoo draws its originality and ambiguous symbolism, which depends on the shape, size of the images and other elements. After reviewing our photos with thumbnails, you can choose the right image and the article will help to determine its value.

In ancient times, the crown had the appearance of conventional wreaths woven from flexible branches, flowers, feathers and grass. She points to the leader, his high status in the tribe, as well as the most brave, strong and agile warrior, and later on the winners of sports. Tattoo Crown applied to the person of the royal family or their ardent supporters. Before the fight monarchs wore a jewel right on the helmet to indicate the legitimacy of its authority. Warriors need to know that the King gave his life for his country. a high status symbol was applied to the noble knights, princes and counts on clothing, shields, armor, coats of arms, thus giving the greatness and nobility of its kind.

Tattoo crown in addition to the sign of power and authority refers to the divinity of the owner. Egypt believed that it helps to Pharaoh to communicate with the gods, to be with them on an equal basis, and after his death became a guide to the new afterlife. Underwear picture crown with golden arrow — the sign of Apollo, patron of the sun, light, art, predictor of the future. Image with spiky crown «beams» refers to the solar man with reflection — divine, if it resembles the frame of deer antlers, the mean effect. Triple crown, like the Pope, — the highest authority in the land, or the desire for it. Round bezel indicates infinite power, power, sometimes immortality.

Golden headdress king with radiating rays (or tiara) confirms sacred exclusivity holder, spiritual enlightenment and the light. Similar images can personify not only the power, but also a brilliant mind, beauty and other advantages. Tattoo skull with a crown also indicates the superiority and power, but the figure originally appeared in Mexico, so it can carry a completely different symbolism: must be lucky, but only in the next life. Men often applied undershirt picture at hand, showing that they exercise authority over their lives. Tattoo on the forearm mean that the holder has dominated and had everything under control.


Attribute monarchs and has religious significance. If he is depicted with a cross — one believes in God, in some cases, it represents the faith in their own strength, the chosen route, but in Europe it is a sign of victory. On the wrist is usually applied Catholics and Orthodox. If you come from a wide hoop pointed rays, then the owner important to believe, love and hope if the precious crystals — searching for the meaning of life


Crown Tattoo represents protection . In previous eras, it was thought that the crown protects from evil spirits, illnesses, troubles. Scientists have proved that the human condition is improved due to the magnetic field, which appears around the crystal and silver inserts a beneficial effect on the body. However, this symbolism is rare enough. The more expensive the monarch was an attribute, the more powerful and stronger than was considered the ruler, so money for jewelry and expensive metals are not spared. The abundance of pearls, rubies and diamonds in wearable pictures indicate exclusivity and importance of the owner.

The image of the crown along with the birds, animals or objects strengthens their symbolism points to their importance for the owner:

  • a lion with a crown tattoo stands for leadership, if there is depicted the heart — the power, the strength and the lion’s royal justice;
  • bird with a crown — a huge internal freedom, the power of the spirit, dominion over their own desires and life;
  • crown with money — the owner important to his financial well-being;
  • crowned turtle — longevity, peace, the Romans victory sign;
  • attribute of the heart — good luck, next to him — true love, devotion, often applied to the arm couples or lovers;
  • Preview Celtic bracelet when hand support a crown with a heart represents love, loyalty and friendship;
  • a three-sheeted clover — a talisman to a large fortune;
  • crown tattoo with inscriptions indicating the importance of words, initials, name, usually applied by attribute.

At the prison tattoo crown on the shoulders or chest confirms considerable authority person. If depicted with a skull or in the clutches of the tiger, then the person is inclined to violence, is serving a sentence for serious crimes, or does not obey the law. The crown of the snake — a sign of «beholder» if crowned predator wraps edged weapon — revenge prevailed (the offender murder). Sign of minorities and downtrodden — the royal attribute on the back or with cards red stripes


underwear picture may have philosophical meaning: perseverance, justice, honor, impartiality, purpose, and commitment. Men often choose a pattern with additional elements: skulls, predators, the words «the heart is already taken» or with the names of loved ones, children. Well look paired crown tattoo on hand in the area of ​​the wrist. In Eastern and Latin American peoples figure symbolizes strong and happy family, well-being, peace, long life. Crown with wings in the heart speaks of the great and faithful love. Image in Celtic style attracts wealth and gives confidence in the future. Men often applied crown tattoo on his forearm, indicating a desire to control others or their fate. They prefer the plain massive pectoral drawings on the chest, back, shoulder. There are color and realistic images.

Crown Tattoo for girls — excellence, uniqueness

Girls often choose small wearable pictures tiara to modestly underscore its importance, the unique character or image, individuality. Owners of self-confident and motivated, bright and charming personality.

Figure in the original or a cartoon style points to the princess: a gentle, sweet, a little capricious, waiting for her prince. Large Image with an abundance of crystals and bright colors represent higher ambitions, superiority over others, high status, security and greatness. Basically the girls applied undershirt picture on the forearm, upper back, a crown on his shoulder — pronounced leadership qualities. crown tattoo on his neck symbolizes strength and power in the ironic subtext. Drawing on the waist suggests femininity and sexuality refined personality. Interesting and attractive look small crowns that are arranged in a row and bows ankle or hip. Images appear on the wrist gracefully behind his ear and on his finger -. original and beautiful

Crown Tattoos on the foot, hand, stomach girl complementary flowers, birds, ribbons and jewels. It emphasizes the uniqueness of a small crown on the neck or ankle as kulonchiki and on foot — a colorful picture with sharp beams


Natelnye pictures of the king chosen attribute motivated, confident and vibrant personality, possessing leadership qualities, perseverance and inner greatness.

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