20 Dandelion Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Dandelion tattoo meanings

Tattoo with dandelion can be a good choice for those who want to have on the body color image. This choice in itself has a meaning, because the flowers — the personification of natural beauty. Dandelions are really incredible features. This picture on the body can truly tell a compelling story. Traditionally, this tattoo refers to women, although in some context can be a good idea to come by temperament and men. Consider some popular values.


In fact, these flowers are actually weeds, and quite stubborn. Dandelion seeds can germinate and take root in almost any terrain. From here — not one of the most popular Dandelion Tattoo values ​​- perseverance


A more interesting from the point of view of the meaning of the very form of the flower. Everyone knows that he has a yellow hat in the growth period. Its form is compared to the sun, making it a tattoo with the image of the flower transmits joy and happiness. This tattoo hedonistic approach and positive people.

At the time of flowering dandelion is changing, surrounding himself with a cap of light seeds. I think that almost all of a child at least once seen fluttering in the wind small white dandelion seeds.

Soaring at the slightest breath of wind, some seeds are associated with the transience of life. This flower usually depicted naked with a string flying seeds, often in black and white. Such variants are more common in romantic, melancholic temperament. Although the process of degeneration of the dandelion on the other hand is associated with the cyclical nature of life, can mean a return to the sources, after the healing of serious shocks.

Meaning tattoo dandelions with birds

It is enough popular sketch today is the plot with dandelion seeds, scattering a flock birds. In my opinion, this tattoo will look better on the extended parts of the body such as the forearm, shin, though often times in tattoo parlors can be found images on his chest and shoulder blade. In short, it is time to evaluate the popular tattoo designs and photo dandelion. Which one is the most successful? Write your opinion in the comments.


Solitude, loneliness

Татуировка пион на пояснице

Longevity, durability

Photos and designs

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