67 Demon Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women


Demons — who are they? Can we say exactly what kind of beings they are? How do they look, how can they harm a person? I think no. On the one hand, demons have always existed, in all cultures of all people. They were opposed to gods, they were feared. Sorcerers and magicians exorcised demons, people tried to protect themselves from the influence of dark creatures in every way.

Every culture has its own demons, some of them have names and guises. In the aftermath of the idea of evil spirits, they found their reflection in art: they started portraying demons in literature, movies, paintings and, eventually, in tattoos. As a rule, the demon tattoo is depicted in dark colors: black, shades of gray and brown. The head of such a creature can be the terrifying skull or face of an animal. Most often it is a horned bull or buffalo. Demons are almost always inked with wings.

For example, there are Valkyries — mythical angels of death, taking away the souls of fallen soldiers. Another example is gargoyles — winged Gothic creatures, turning into stone statues in the light of day. Let’s return to the meaning of demon tattoos. After all, this is not only what we see in movies and read in books. Demons are a reflection of the dark side of people, their secret fears, dark desires. By depicting a demon on our body, we try to better understand ourselves, overcome fears and become stronger. In many respects the meaning of a tattoo in the form of a demon is similar to the one that tattoos with skulls on the body have. This is a kind of amulet that scares death.

And of course, a well-inked tattoo makes you not think about its meaning. It enables you to admire the tattoo as a work of art. As usually there are several photos and sketches in the end.


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