40 Devil Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women


Tattoos of the devil are mostly so sinister that their look frightens the immature minds and brings only negative emotions. Such associations are “feeding” on our inner “voice”, since it has long been known that the devil is the antipode of God. It is generally accepted that dark forces are much more powerful and aggressive. That’s why, such feelings of people as envy, greed and hatred are attributed to the creation of the devil.

Many people choose such symbols because each of us can become a sinner easily and simply — then one won’t have to think about punishing for sins s/he has committed, s/he won’t need to hide his/her viciousness from people. But it’s not that easy to become a sinless person — you will have to work hard and constantly to extirpate your sinfulness, vices, improve your inner motives, accomplish good deeds.

Looking at photos of devil tattoos, it should be noted that the majority of such sketches don’t bring very positive emotions. It is understandable, because even if the devil is depicted in different physical forms and “guises”, it doesn’t cease to be associated with the evil creature, the main purpose of which is to manipulate people, push them to commit immoral and sinful acts.


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Contemporary devil tattoos are quite diverse, many pictures can be taken from folklore, for example from popular films, or they can reflect modern realities:

  • the devil in the guise of a dickens is often depicted as a red humanoid, which has a forked tail, horns and an invariable attribute of evil forces — pitchfork;
  • in the guise of the god Pan with goat legs;
  • in the image of the gargoyle — huge ugly creatures with huge claws and fangs;
  • with an angel — thus manipulating a person’s consciousness, inciting him/her to think that the devil can do good deeds;
  • in the image of a neat, courteous person, whose belonging to dark forces can be seen due to certain details.

In keeping with the above mentioned, the tattoo of the devil often has a negative meaning, considering such a pattern dangerous and entailing subsequent troubles. But one shouldn’t always perceive such pictures as something negative and bad, because many tattoos of the devil, in no way refer to the symbolism of satanic rituals, don’t denote devil worship and inborn evil. Such pictures are of a mischievous, completely intimidating character.

As we see, the devil tattoo doesn’t always have a negative and spiteful meaning. And although it is considered to be a “male” picture, many young girls also want to ink such a picture on their bodies. Most often, the picture is inked on forearm, back, or chest. A small picture can be tattooed on shoulder blade or hand.

НWell, if you don’t care about what superstitious people think about your tattoos, it’s time to enjoy the artistic side of the tattoo with the devil, photos and sketches of which we have selected especially for you!

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