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Doberman tattoo meanings

In a previous article, we examined in detail the tattoos depicting dogs. Today let’s talk about the particular case — a tattoo with the image of a Doberman. He is considered a strong, aggressive, but at the same time faithful and devoted friend. For his master’s such a dog is a helper and support.

As is the case with other pets, doberman tattoo can be done directly in the sign of love for your pet, including, departed from life. The relationship between man and dog is incredibly powerful. This is truly committed to each other friends, relationships which are sincere and disinterested.

Speaking of traditions and cultural characteristics of different countries can talk about the mystical meaning of the tattoo Doberman. It is believed that the image of black dog — a sign of people with psychic abilities . Magee, wizard, witches, shamans and psychics believe in the esoteric properties of the symbol. Should we keep this in mind before going to the tattoo parlor? I think no.

Тату доберман на спине

How to draw?

The most common version of the image of any dog ​​- grin, that is kind of grinning muzzle. This case — is no exception. Tattoo grin Doberman, as well as in the case of the pit bull, evokes fear, feelings of insecurity and anxiety. Often, the owner of a tattoo becomes more self-confidence, a kind of strength and courage. In addition grin, photos in our gallery you will see a picture of a Doberman head with calm and cool features. This type of image radiates wisdom, serenity, inner strength .

It is important to mention that having a tattoo on any additional elements can give a different meaning and significance. For example, girls can add to the picture Doberman flowers, butterflies and birds. Naturally, this will soften the harsh appearance of the animal.

As for the colors, Doberman — black dog, and his portrayal of the human skin, usually prevails dark color palette. However, the presence of contrasting bright colors of red or green can be an interesting way to change the picture.

Where to make?

Traditionally Doberman tattoo placed on their sides, chest or shoulder. Such a plot is suitable rounded part of the body. This is not a panacea, you can come up with a variety of options of how to arrange the picture of a dog on his body. Taking a picture of a miniature, it can be placed behind the ear, on the ankle or wrist. It all depends on your imagination and skill of the artist.

It remains to offer you leave a comment and express their thoughts on paper. And we turn to our collection of photos and sketches tattoo Doberman!

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Photos and designs

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