47 Dog Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women


The dog is one of the oldest animal companions of man and coexists with him for more than one millennium. It is not surprising that a tattoo in the form of a dog is done quite often, especially by representatives of the stronger sex. Such tattoos are full of dynamics and brutality.

Most likely, a tattoo of dog attracts men because of the presence of inner strength, perseverance and purposefulness in it. After all, men at all times were defenders, soldiers, standing guard. The dog along with the lion was an emblem of noble people, accordingly its image personified nobility and fidelity. Even the ancient Greek philosopher Plutarch stressed that the dog is a symbol of conservatism and vigilance.

The symbol of this animal is inherent in the cultural traditions of many nations and, everywhere the dog is a faithful guardian. Even in cases where the dog is a supporter of the dark forces, he is only a companion who accompanies his master in the path.

Мужская-тату-собака Наколка-в-виде-бульдога Наколка-собака Наколка с собакой Тату-бульдог-на-груди

A tattoo with a dog image can transmit both light energy and threatening meaning, especially if the dogs are depicted aggressive fighting breeds. Since such images can be not only monochrome, but also full-color, the prevailing black color in the dog tattoo symbolizes devilish forces and death.

This demonic image is due to the fact that in ancient Scandinavian, Greek and Indian legends the dog is the guardian on the border between the worlds of the living and the dead. But even in the afterlife dog helps the souls of people to find their own way. The symbol of a dog means courage, sincerity in Celtic peoples and in Christian culture. The image of this animal is a powerful amulet.

Perhaps a dog tattoo is not very suitable for people who have a secretive, uncommunicative character, egoists. After all, this beast is always open, trustful, devoted to his master. By the way, in a separate article we talked about a tattoo with a pit bull — one of the fiercest representatives of the four-legged.

Separately it is necessary to say about the situation when people make a tattoo in the form of a dog in memory of their pet. You will see several works in the photo at the end of the article, where there are birth and death dates besides the animal image. The meaning of such a picture is connected with a tribute of respect and memory to the former pet and friend of man.

In conclusion, it can be said that the meaning of a dog tattoo is ambiguous. It depends on the breed of the animal and other elements of the illustration. After all, besides the amulet from evil spirits, such a tattoo can be a symbol of the fact that its owner, for example, by virtue of the profession, performs protective functions or is in the service of the state.

It is not so important on which part of the body the dog is depicted, the main message is the semantic message embedded in the tattoo, and therefore it is necessary to approach the choice of the image seriously. Photos and sketches in our collection — a confirmation!

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