76 Dolphin Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Dolphin tattoo meaning

In the culture of tattoos dolphins deservedly popular. Few people these incredible creatures cause negative emotions, on the contrary — the man who met a dolphin feels sincere admiration. Dolphins incredibly smart — in their brain twice as many convolutions than in humans. According to the observations of scientists these creatures communicate with each other on a unique language, have so-called «social consciousness», can sympathize with and help people. There are cases when dolphins rescuing drowning. These mammals are strong and graceful — their acrobatic tricks dazzling.


Meaning dolphin tattoo is directly linked with the characteristics of these mammals — freedom, dignity, intelligence, swiftness . You may have noticed the similarity with the value of an eagle. In ancient Egypt it was a symbol of the dolphin moon goddess, representing the positive force of nature.

This tattoo will look great as a man and a woman, regardless of age. Most of all it fits positive, sincere, cheerful, peace-loving people who knew how to enjoy life. The image of a dolphin on the body carries a positive energy, gives a good mood and vitality.

You can find different variations of the image, each of which will have its significance. For example, it is very popular to depict the two dolphins circling, thus symbolizing yin yang — the unity of opposites. Dolphin Sailor denotes belonging to the fleet. And of course, we can not say about the famous Celtic patterns in the form of a dolphin, so popular today. I propose to evaluate some popular sketches and photo dolphin tattoo. How do you?

тату рыба молот 1
Hammer fish

Strength and rebelliousness


Wisdom, eternity, variability

Photos and designs

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