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Dragon tattoo meaning

Dragon Tattoo diverse and saturated with ancient legends and myths, so it is good to explore their meaning. In this article we will explain all the nuances and how to choose a suitable undershirt picture. Photos and sketches will help determine where best to look unearthly monster and what elements are best combined.

Most likely, the dragon appeared in the farming period. Processing areas for planting, our ancestors found a big bones and skeletons of unknown creatures. Knowing nothing about mammoths and dinosaurs, they suggested that the remains of the earth guards and sea — dragons. Over time, it is endowed with divine powers and vigilance, but each nation had its own version of the Raptor.

  • China. Dragon becomes a deity: to control the weather, mainly rain and lightning. He was subject to all the 4-D elements and the sides of the world. He can transform into human, insect, or the universe.

  • Japan. Dragon migrated from China and also means wisdom, strength, luck. According to legend, the famous Koi carp (symbol of luck and courage) after overcoming all difficulties turns into a creature. A common way: the eagle’s claws, nose camel, catfish mustache, long beard, under which the hidden gem of prosperity. Sometimes it depicted with the head of a horse, the horns of a deer or bull. Dragon and indicates the power and is a symbol of power , care and protection. According to legends the first emperor Jimmu came from kind of dragons. Since then, the clothes and the rulers of the throne adorned with mythical creatures. Raptor also has been an advocate: he was portrayed at the entrance to the temple, firefighters were applied to the body to protect itself from destruction. Who is the image of the dragon is often stuffed with a woman, that he helped to protect the family home.

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  • The European dragon. In contrast to the positive image of oriental, in Europe and in Russia, the creature looks like a negative character. Win it (as in the stories of Nikitich and Snake Dragon) — to emphasize the courage, bravery and heroic virtue. It differs from the eastern lizard cousins ​​and complexion: massive body, «leather» and huge wings like a bat, a long tail, without a beard and horns. He lives only in the caves and dungeons. Dragon Tattoo in European style are mainly applied by dark pigments are not used color transitions dominated by straight lines and hard. Usually he is depicted with a sword, a heart or cross. Dragon — follower of the dark forces, but the British Dragon in red — a good-natured creature. It is believed that the lizard was given the image of the devil with the advent of Christianity.

  • Celtic legends. The dragon was cruel, but possessed enviable wisdom. It depicted a ram’s head, he served as the god of the earth and the sun turned the wheel. Dragon Tattoo in Celtic style represents power, strength and spirituality.
  • The Legend of the Olmecs and Aztecs. The dragon was considered a god (Ketsakoatl) and was similar to the east being, but only with feathers. According to legends it is impossible to look into the eyes: he could hypnotize. Perhaps because of the legend of the dragon tattoo with red eyes and a direct gaze it is a warning.
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When choosing an image, you must consider not only the area of ​​the body, but also the color palette and pose of being additional elements.

The colors of the dragon in the Japanese style:

  • Black — symbolizes the respect, in particular to parents
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  • Goluyuboy and blue — a sign of eternal life, compassion, tranquility and transparency
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  • Gold — wisdom and kindness
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  • Yellow — is rarely used as symbol of war, conquest, attack and then win. This image is often applied to people hermit. In China, the yellow dragon is depicted without horns and represents wisdom and knowledge, so common among students.

  • Red — love and passion, aggression and hostility to the enemy, the desire to protect their home. His parents applied to bring the power to protect their children.

  • Green — indicates that the holder is closely connected with the earth.

It is playing a significant role, and how is the dragon:

  • spread wings, teeth, jaws gaping wide, large claws — the aggressiveness and hostility, as well as power over others
  • .

  • The wings are omitted, the jaws closed — good intentions and wisdom
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  • The lizard lies peacefully — peace of mind and tranquility
  • .

  • Flies upwards — positive mood, openness
  • .

  • Letting down — hidden aggression, warning
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Often the dragon tattoo on his back depicted a tiger. If the two entities are aligned, the pattern means harmony and balance. Dragon overcomes predator — defeat the dark forces, if on the contrary, it is superior to selfishness and aggression


Popular breeches picture — a heavenly dragon. It is represented among the clouds and means determination and steadfast stance. Figure choose self-confident personality, to further strengthen the spirit and faith.

The lizard with horns attached to the holders of determination in his actions and words, making them more courageous.

Where better to portray a dragon tattoo?

The most optimal fabric for underwear pattern — back, especially for tattoo dragon Japanese-style . You can put the whole story, traced every detail to convey the greatness of the picture. This area of ​​the body can not be age-related changes, so the image will complement the image of many years.

Most of bends to the fact that is not desirable to put the dragon tattoo on his leg, especially on the lower part. It is very difficult in a limited space to convey the meaning and depth of the pattern, it can turn out not so presentable and original as planned. If you really want to fill the creature on top of the foot or calf, it is better to choose an option in the Chinese style. There is dominated by fine lines, contours can be loosely score pigments, leave a light or make a sketch of some of the more expressive areas.

Looks nice tattoo of a flying dragon on the back. You can draw a writhing body across or around the arm like a bracelet. Any small original drawing appears on the blade or the forearm.

Dragon Tattoo for Men — power and strength

Men generally prefer a more aggressive image, especially in the red and black colors. Figure well emphasize masculinity, when the head is positioned on the chest and the tail hangs down from the shoulder to the back. It is interesting and aesthetically looks dragon in tribal style, and means wisdom and cunning. Men inflict undershirt picture on the ankle and the neck, the inner side of the hand, slightly extending to the elbow. It looks good on the side, upper arm and shoulder blade.

Female Tattoo dragon — the need to create

For girls dragon tattoo is the personification of maternal instincts and help protect a home. Lovely creation generally selected image in fairy style. Terrible lizard turns into a pretty fabulous creature, complemented by original features.

Most women with the help of colors, various inscriptions, characters essentially give a touch of elegance. Sometimes it is applied in the original position, that looks nice, feminine and not aggressively . Beautifully goes dragon tattoo on the hip, shoulder, chest or side. Aesthetically look symmetrical patterns on the blades. Being in tribal style give the tenderness and elegance. It is interesting to look cartoon characters, making the girls a playful and enigmatic image.

Beautiful women often cause the dragon tattoo with a rose or sakura. Tangle of lizards symbolize the unity of male and female, stimulates sexual energy. If you choose the right picture, the girl does not only emphasize the advantages of an ideal figure, but will become more charming and confident in their abilities.

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