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Dragonfly tattoo meanings

Dragonfly rather refers to the female tattoo than to men, and takes pride of place next to the butterfly. What does a dragonfly tattoo? Now we will understand. It is worth noting that these insects need special attention if only because of his age. And we still remember that the elders should be respected!

If it is serious, remains dragonflies belong to the ancient era and attributed them to the age of 300 million years. This means that they are much experienced mammoths. English translation of «dragonfly» (dragon fly) seems very true, because really could catch dragonflies dragons times.

Like any other ancient animals, they attach great importance in many cultures and traditions, which, in turn, left their mark on the meaning of dragonfly tattoos.

Representatives of many cultures celebrated the exceptional quality of dragonflies. In Japan, they were considered personification of valor . They even sacrificed to the gods, in order to receive the blessing of victory in battle. It is no secret that the main quality of these insects — incredible speed of flight. This skill extols the many nations. For example, American Indians thought a dragonfly symbol of speed. It was compared with a zipper or a vortex that can not catch and stop. This same ability rather negatively perceived in the culture of ancient Slavs, where the tattoo with a dragonfly would be considered a sign of connection with the dark forces. In Scandinavian myths, it also acted as a conduit between the worlds, ferrying souls of the dead.


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Today, the principal value of a dragonfly tattoo — swiftness, elusiveness, speed . This tattoo is right for a girl who is not sitting still, is active and interesting life, loves and knows how to take risks. It is known that dragonflies are born in water and when they grow wings and start to fly at incredible speeds. Similarly feel some people who until that time kept in the shadows, and only after a time were able to reach their potential.

In summary, nowadays tattoo depicting dragonflies has a positive value and suitable for many modern girls. The most popular part of the body for such tatuha — neck, shoulder, shoulder blade, and possibly stop. Do you think that is right for a young girl, tattoo dragonfly or butterfly? Vote in the comments!

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Photos and designs

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