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Dreamcatcher tattoo meanings

Since ancient times, the drawings on the body weight of the world informed of important information about its owner, but the most common patterns were performing security functions. In the North American Indians played the role of a powerful talisman tattoo Dreamcatcher. This symbol was protect human , when he found himself the most vulnerable — that is, during a night of rest

p> At the Lakota tribe has a legend about a great Spider God, who has decided to protect their children, giving them a magical net to catch nightmares, fears, illnesses and unrighteous thoughts. Once the ruler of heaven was the local priest and handed him a staff with a finial in the shape of a circle, densely woven with cobwebs and decorated with bunches of feathers.

Deity assured that sleeping under the protection of the amulet can not be afraid of evil spirits that night secretly penetrate into the house, trying to seize the heart and soul of the person, make him frail and weak. Invisible enemies are doomed to get lost in the web and stay there until dawn, so with the first rays of the sun melt away like dew.

Тату-ловец-снов-для-девушки Тату-ловец-снов Татуировка-с-ловцом-снов-на-руке Татуировка-на-бедре-ловец-снов татуировка-ловца-снов Татуировка-ловец-снов-с-перьями Татуировка-ловец-снов-на-щиколотке Татуировка-ловец-снов-на-спине-девушки Татуировка-ловец-снов-на-локте татуировка-ловец-снов-на-запястье татуировка-ловец-снов-на-бедре-девушки Татуировка-ловец-снов-за-ухом Татуировка-ловец-снов Татуировка-девушки-ловец-снов Татуировка-в-виде-ловца-снов-на-предплечье

Interestingly, similar traditions are found in a wide variety of people — as well as amulets in the form of a circle and tighten network openwork yarn. Explain the similarity banal coincidence unrealistic. One can only believe in a special mystical origin and meaning of the tattoo Dreamcatcher — This is truly a powerful talisman that repeatedly strengthened the sincere faith of thousands of generations

Dreamcatcher in ancient and modern culture

Sometimes the meaning of the amulet is interpreted too narrowly, use it exclusively as a remedy for insomnia and nightmares. Lakota Indians themselves exposed to nocturnal spirits attributed all the misfortunes that could befall a person. In fact, it was about a universal evil, which had to withstand Catcher — so it is not only hung at the head of the bed, but also a symbol adorned clothing, building his own body


Even in the photo Dreamcatcher tattoo seems filled with pagan magic, in reality, this image fascinates almost physically palpable power. This guardian will be able to protect the wearer from any negative impact , save from unexplained illnesses and troubles, will make stronger and more confident.

The special advice for those who want to win the patronage of Indian gods — do not hide the tattoo under his clothes. Allow your Trapper proudly look at the world — and it will become impenetrable shield covering the malice of enemies, insults and disappointments.

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Photos and designs

Тату-ловец-снов-с-перьями Тату-ловец-снов-на-шее-девушки Тату-ловец-снов-на-шее Тату-ловец-снов-на-ладони Тату-ловец-снов-на-запястье Татуирвока-ловец-снов-на-шее Рисунок-ловца-снов Наколка-ловец-снов-на-лопатке Наколка-ловец-снов-на-голени Набросок-тату-лоец-снов Набросок-тату-ловца-снов Набросок-тату-ловец-снов eskiz-lovca-snov eskiz-tattoo-lovca-snov eskiz-tatuirovki-lovca-snov lovec-snov-eskiz love-snov-na-predpleche love-snov-na-spine nakolka-lovec-snov-ya-boku nakolka-lovec-snow тату ловец снов майли сайрус tattoo-lovec-snov tatuirovka-lovec-snow tatu-lovec-snov tatu-lovec-snov-na-bedre tatu-lovec-snov-na-predpleche tatu-love-snov-u-devushki Вариант-татуировки-ловец-снов Интересная-наколка-ловец-снов Интересная-татуировка-ловец-снов Интересная-татуировка-ловца-снов Интересная-тату-ловец-снов Интересная-тату-ловца-снов Красивая-наколка-ловец-снов Красивая-наколка-ловца-снова Красивая-татуирвока-ловец-снов Красивая-тату-ловец-снов Красивый-эскиз-ловец-снов Красивый-эскиз-ловца-снов Красивый-эскиз-тату-ловец-снов Красивый-эскиз-тату-ловца-снов Ловец-снов-эскиз Набросок-татуировки-ловец-снов Эскиз-тату-ловец-снов-с-волком эскиз-тату-ловец-снов Эскиз-татуировки-ловца-снов Эскиз-наколки-с-ловцом-снов Эскиз-наколки-ловца-снов-в-виде-сердца Эскиз-наколки-ловца-снов эскиз-наколки-ловец-снов Эскиз-ловца-снов-с-перьями Эскиз-ловца-снов-на-бумаге Эскиз-ловец-снов Тату-с-ловцом-снов-на-плече-девушки Тату-ловца-снов-на-спине Тату-ловца-снов-на-бедре

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