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Eagle tattoo meanings

Tattoo of an eagle — almost a win-win for strong, powerful and motivated men . This majestic bird from ancient times is the object of admiration and worship.


If the lion is considered the king of beasts, the eagle — unchallenged king of all birds. In ancient cultures, it belongs to the gods, carrying the souls of the dead to heaven. Interesting fact: The Eagles immediately referred to the two elements — fire and air. Association with the sun can be found in Indian, European and Scandinavian epics. Thus, according to the Greek dowry, the god Zeus used the eagle as his earthly messenger. American Indians tied the creature with thunder. This association is embodied in the legend of a huge eagle, eyes that sparkle lightning, and whose wings are called rain. By the way, a great story for a tattoo, what would you say?

The Eagles have always been considered by experienced hunters. Hours of these predators are able to soar above the earth, hunting down and exhausting the victim, then the rapid roll hit the target. They also own the popular expression «eagle eye» or «eagle eye», indicating a surprising sight of these birds. By the way, nature has given them the ability to look at the sun, which makes them different from most creatures on the planet.

The value of eagle tattoo is wisdom, strength, power and masculinity. On the human body is a brutal character, emphasizing the quality of the most powerful men. Proof of this is part of the image of this bird in medieval heraldry. The eagle present on the arms of the most respected families, great warriors and rulers.

Let’s see how you can draw a bird on the human body. Tattoo Eagle must pass danger, swiftness and determination . To this end, many people prefer a wide wingspan, elongated claws, depicting the time of the attack. However, you’ll see in the photo eagle tattoos. With regards to the perfect place for such tattoos, I would suggest large areas. Such a picture would look great on the back, shoulder, chest and side. Guys, what do you think? Write in the comments!

тату сокол 1

The spiritual and physical strength

тату журавль 29

Prosperity, well-being

Photos and designs

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