27 Elf Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Elf tattoo meanings

In the modern world is widespread fantasy style. In this regard, many lovers of tattoos used to image the characters of this genre: elves, mermaids, wizards, witches and other imaginary characters. Often, the value of such a tattoo is twofold. This also applies to the elves.


These mythical heroes appeared for a long time and eventually their meaning distorted. With the advent of Tolkien fans of the trilogy started doing tattoo of elves in the style of heroes. Historic value is quite different from the present.

Initially, elves or fairies presented as small creatures with wings, who lived in dense forests and thickets. I came the image of the Nordic forests of Europe. These glowing men like moths lured casual travelers to his kingdom to the Queen of fairies. When the young knight to her bored, he returned to the world.

appears that in his time did not go a couple of days, he thought, and the years, and he no longer has any family or friends. Despite these actions, the elves were not considered dark or light beings. Many people or wizards friends with these people and use their help, which the elves have provided very rarely. More recently, people have come to associate with the good fairies (appeared tooth fairy, fairy godmother, and so on).

Based on the behavior of the elves, and the importance of tattoos out:

  • The price paid for life choices. Fairy Queen generously and was fine, but the price paid was fierce.
  • The belief in magic, miracles, fairy-tale worlds.

  • The love of fantasy, passion for the genre.

  • Image sad fairies often associated with the loss of loved ones.

  • The dual significance of destiny gifts.

  • Contact with nature, magic forest.

The appearance of elf tattoo on the body carries important, often associated with life events have left a mark in my heart.

For whom suitable?

Tattoos elf suit lovers of fantasy, people who believe in magic, in the fulfillment of desires with the help of magic. Ancient tales reflect the psychology of relationships between the sexes, talk about retribution for wrong steps or gifts of fate, are taught to think about solutions. Suitable such an image and lovers of order and comfort.

Photo tattoo elves show that girls often choose delicate and beautiful images. By showing that it is possible to draw a parallel between it and the queen of the fairies. Show your beauty, independence of the people, their opinions and feelings.

For men, you can create a more aggressive, reflecting the courage, strength tattoo sketch of an elf. Provide a real knight, who was able to conquer the queen of the fairies.

Place this tattoo is suitable for anyone. But do not choose too small areas of the body. In the picture a lot of small details that will not look on a small scale. Looks great tattoo on the lower back, neck and shoulder. It can be done in black and white or colorful and bright. Equally look good just elf drawing or composition with the plot.

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