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Fantasy style is widespread in the modern world. In this regard, many tattoo fans ink heroes of this genre, such as: elves, mermaids, wizards, witches and other fictional characters. Meaning of such tattoos is often dual. This concerns elves as well.

These mythical heroes appeared a long time ago and their meaning has become distorted over time. With the occurrence of books by Tolkien, admirers of this trilogy began to ink tattoos of elves in the style of heroes. The ancient meaning is completely different from the present one.

Initially, elves or fairies were presented as small winged creatures that lived in dense forests and thickets. This image came from the Scandinavian forests of Europe. These glowing little men, like butterflies, lured random travelers to their kingdom to the Fairy Queen. When she got bored with a young knight, he was returned to the world.

It turned out that in his time not a couple of days had passed, as he thought, but years had gone by and he had no more relatives or friends. Despite such acts, elves were considered neither dark creatures nor bright. Many people or wizards were friends with this people and used their help, which elves rarely provided. Later, people began to associate fairies with good (a tooth fairy, a fairy godmother, and others appeared).

Meaning of tattoos is based on the behavior of elves:

  • Recompense for a life choice. The Fairy Queen was generous and beautiful, but the recompense was severe.
  • Faith in magic, miracles, fairy-tale worlds.
  • Love of fantasy, fascination with this genre.
  • Tattooing sad fairies is often associated with the loss of loved ones.
  • ual meaning of gifts of destiny.
  • Connection with nature, magic of the forest.

Occurrence of elf tattoo on body is of great importance. It’s often associated with life events that left a mark in the soul.


Elf tattoos will be perfect for fantasy fans, people who believe in magic, in fulfillment of desires with the help of magic. Ancient tales reflect the psychology of relations between the sexes, tell about forfeit for wrong steps or for gifts of fate, teach you to think decisions thoroughly over. This image will suit the connoisseurs of order and coziness.

Photos of elf tattoos show that girls often choose gentle and beautiful images. In such a way, they show that there may be a parallel between them and the Fairy Queen. They show their beauty, independence from people, their opinions and feelings.

For men, a more aggressive sketch of elf tattoo, reflecting masculinity and strength, may be created. Thus, a guy can imagine himself as a true knight who managed to conquer the Fairy Queen.

Any part of bod will be suitable for such a tattoo. However, you shouldn’t choose too small areas of the body. The image has many small details that won’t look good on a small scale. The tattoo looks great on the small of back, neck, shoulder. It can be inked in black and white or in colorful and bright style. Both an elf image and a composition with a plot look good.

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