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Eye in a pyramid tattoo meaning

«Eyes — the mirror of the human soul» — wrote a classic. Eyes, namely parameters such as color, size and location, really can somehow characterize people. With eyes can express a whole range of emotions: joy, sadness, anxiety, doubt, suspicion. «Shine in the eyes» is a sign of health, stimulation of internal energy. «Slitted eyes» — a sign of alertness, concentration. «Extinct gaze» — fatigue, indifference. You can identify dozens of expressions, each of which tells a story.


And of course, all this can be transferred using a tattoo machine and paint. Oddly enough, the tattoo of an eye graced the human body since ancient times. Shamans and priests depicted the eye area of ​​the forehead or on the shoulder, which meant that the connection with the other world, a spiritual epiphany. For warriors tattoo with the image of the eye was the method of intimidation.

The most common value is a fairly common eye tattoo of a triangle can be described as all-seeing eye . In addition, such a pattern is a symbol of a secret society of Freemasons , which I’m sure you’ve heard enough. Everything else, this is a mystical talisman, guarding the owner of the tattoo from the evil eye, evil spirits and other troubles.

Today pyramid with the eye can be found in various, sometimes very unexpected, parts of the body: neck, upper arm, chest, abdomen, lower back. Perhaps basically the picture is more suitable for the upper body.

Many of the tattoo artist will tell you that the very popular not only with the human eye tattoo image, but also a variety of animals, birds and even fish. I suggest you see the interesting ideas for leopard tattoo. So many (if not all) depends solely on personal preference. By tradition, at the end — a few sketches and a photo eye tattoos.

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