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Fairy tattoo meanings

In contemporary culture female fairy tattoo is very popular. Since ancient times the peoples of medieval Europe drawn image fairies considered a symbol of elegance, charm and fragility .

In this fairy at the same time associated with power, magic and spiritual strength. Tattooed with the image of the fairies have always attached a magical quality and was revered as a powerful amulet.

Meaning tattoo fairy has a profound mythological meaning, the main criteria of which are the above-described properties and characteristics. They can add beauty, freedom, independence and eternal youth. This tattoo has a purely feminine roots, see it on the man is practically impossible.

Fairies — quite unusual creatures, they can meet the desires and at the same time harm the person if he deserves it, of course.

Тату-фея-на-шее-сзади Тату-фея-на-спине Тату-фея-на-ключице Тату-фея-на-запястье Тату-фея-на-боку

Modern features

The main feature, which has a fairy tattoo is its ambiguity, because in some cases, the story symbolizes evil, despite the fact that its main character became the bright side of life. Refusing to become angels and not turned into demons, fairies always helps a person, for which he gained his deserved love. Philanthropy can also be the value of this pattern on the body.

Another feature of the tattoo with the image of the young fairies are required attributes that are unique to this category of tattoo. Additional elements of a fairy tattoos are: fairy tail, the predominance of pink and blue, stars and the presence of wings. This makes the forest witch recognizable and better in terms of matching the truth, even mythological. Apply drawing fairies mainly on thighs, back, shoulder and upper arm, close to the intimate venue, ankle, stomach and buttocks.

Татуировка с балериной на плече

Perseverance, beauty, the pursuit of excellence

Фото тату русалка

Sexuality, authoritativeness

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Photos and designs

Тату-фея-в-лепестках Тату-фея Тату-с-феей-на-пояснице Тату-с-феей-во-всю-спину Тату-красная-фея Татуировка-фея-на-щиколотке Татуировка-фея-на-стопах Татуировка-фея-на-руке-девушки Татуировка-фея-на-пояснице Татуировка-фея-на-месяце Татуировка-фея-на-лопатке-девшуки Татуировка-фея-на-лопатке Татуировка-фея-на-лодыжке Татуировка-фея-на-всю-спину Татуировка-фея Татуировка-с-феей Татуирвока-фея-на-спине Татуирвока-фея-внизу-спины Тату-в-виде-феи Рисунок-тату-фея Набросок-тату-фея Набросок-для-татуировки-фея Маленькая-тату-фея-на-лопатке Изображение-феи-на-лопатке Значнеие-тату-фея Значение-тату-фея-на-лопатке Значение-татуирвоки-фея Эскизы-тату-фея Эскизы-татуировки-фея Эскиз-тату-фея-с-крылышками Эскиз-тату-фея-2 Эскиз-тату-фея-1 Эскиз-и-рисунок-тату-фея ЧБ-эскиз-татуировки-фея Фото-тату-фея-на-лопатке Фото-тату-с-феей-на-лопатке

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