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Falcon tattoo meanings

Falcon — a bird of prey with an interesting bright plumage. He is able to easily maneuver in flight and to develop a high speed in a dive. Peregrine Falcon belongs to one of the most intelligent birds in the degree of inventiveness when searching for prey. Predator for a long time looking out the prey, and then attack with lightning speed. Bird easily adapts to any environmental conditions. Peregrine perfectly coexists with people, but when too much attention is able to leave their area.

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Remembering the Sapsan can be found in most cultures of the world. One of the ancient Egyptian deities portrayed with a falcon’s head. In ancient Egypt, the falcon was considered the king of birds, he symbolized the hunt and heavenly start . In medieval Europe, he was treated adversely because of his attacks on small defenseless animals. But then a long period of predators used in hunting. Even there was a certain hierarchy is what kind of bird is responsible for what. Falcon is reflected on the flags and coats of arms of many countries and cities. In Japan, fast motorcycles was named after the Falcon. Many of the inhabitants of Russia, in turn, use the high-speed inter-city electric trains «Peregrine».

The predatory bird is widespread and the art of tattoo. Modern lovers underwear painting Conception give the following meaning falcon tattoo. The bird symbolizes the spiritual and physical strength , resourcefulness and entrepreneurship, the reaction rate and the ability to quickly adapt to new conditions. Soaring falcon symbolizes foresight dive — determination, and sitting on a tree — a constant search for opportunities


Tattoo falcon has a strong energy. The owner of a tattoo — an independent, having an inner freedom, which has high intelligence and ability to make decisions quickly people. Peregrine is suitable for people who are not only able to make quick decisions, and take responsibility for them, to calculate all the possible scenarios, see new opportunities around.

tattoo with the image of a falcon is selected and girls and men. The most common tattoo is done in a realistic style. Predator is portrayed as sitting on the tree and hovering in the sky. Strict requirements on the style and choice of color present is difficult. Tattoos differ clear and painstaking smallest details that fill the picture of the energy, power, force.

We offer to get acquainted with our collection of sketches and photos of tattoo Falcon that we have collected especially for you!

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The life force, swiftness, beauty

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Fighting animal and reasonable

Photos and designs

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