57 Feather Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Feather tattoo meaning

Tattoo pen attracts attention original value and beauty. Our article will help you choose the right undershirt picture, well combined with other images. After reviewing a selection of interesting photos and sketches will be easier to determine the shape and pattern of the body.

In ancient times, a pen was an attribute of warriors and leaders, showed their strength, skill and stamina. Shamans used it in ritual dances. It helped to keep in touch with the gods and dead relatives, protected from evil spirits , symbolizing immortality. Feathers associated with dreams, weave them into the ward «Dreamcatcher» to have a good sleep and bad thoughts and visions flew away.

Tattoo pen applied majestic people, earn the respect of others on the battlefield and his actions. Often the image was an attribute of power, power. Body pictures in the style of Indian and black shades often choose men. Good looks feather with Indian ornaments.

The Christian priests were ring with three feathers , which symbolized the benefactor, faith, hope, charity. The ancient Greeks birds attribute signified beauty and pointed to the upper class and luxury. In many cultures, feathers associated with the wind and the air because of their ease and weightless, so they often represent freedom, tenderness, cleanliness, fly, dream, hill, truthfulness, inspiration, creativity.


Body pictures look beautiful on the back foot, along the spine. Men generally choose massive figures, striped design. For them, the feather tattoo on the hand (especially from the wrist to the elbow), back or shoulder means courage, determination, courage, which was typical of Indian soldiers. The picture often protects from trouble, disease, injury.

The image depends on the location, shade, a bird it belongs. Men are often stuffed with a picture with the skull, as if connecting two worlds of the living and the dead. Often underwear image can be found in the creative, free-thinking individuals.


In general, the image is applied in gray or black shade, but women often choose a wide palette of colors:

  • violet or purple pen holder stresses character, his principles;
  • green or blue represents peace of mind, the pursuit of stability;
  • red color symbolizes the victory over the enemy, or life circumstances;
  • yellow or orange — small ambitions, comfort and spiritual harmony
  • .

From the additional elements and the location of the tattoo pen and change its value:

  • if to focus on the cut feather will mean heartache, loss, damage;
  • broken rod — separation from a loved one, broken dreams;
  • thrown or falling feather — sadness, sorrow
  • .

From the bird depends on the ultimate symbolism underwear image:

  • Owl Feather — protection from evil spirits, intelligence, survival (often applied to fans of esotericism and magic body)
  • .

  • Eagle — strength, survival, courage, courage, honor, courage, wisdom, dexterity. Indian soldiers believed that this Underwear image will acquire the character and abilities of this bird.

  • Ostrich — fairness and truthfulness. The Egyptians worshiped the goddess of justice and order of Maat. It is always depicted with an ostrich feather on her head. With her participation did not pass any judgment, even after death.

  • Crane — immortality
  • .

  • Firebird — mystery, elegance, beauty
  • .

  • Burning phoenix feather — rebirth, immortality, update
  • .

  • a large pen Tattoo with birds flying up — determination, freedom, hill. The picture looks attractive when the villi «straighten» the wings and rise to the sky.

  • A simple bird feather — faith, courage, freedom, talent, spirituality, inner strength
  • .

The value of a peacock feather tattoo

Peacock attracted by its bright and beautiful coloring, so girls are often applied to the body of his feathers. They represent the kindness, luck, bright life, greatness, generosity and tenderness. In some cultures, designated vigilance and caution, Christians associated with the revival of the Greeks saw them as stars shine and the sun, but the circle on the peacock pen pointed to Satan’s eyes. Among other peoples, he meant the vision, spiritual purity and transparency, has been a talisman and protect from evil spirits and troubles.


underwear picture became an emblem for the tailors and a symbol of good luck in the modeling business. Holders of tattoos peacock feather attracts its positive, honest, kindly and patiently. Often, it is applied to the arm, but the girls breeches picture looks good behind the ear or in the ear, on the neck, foot, ribs, stomach.

Sometimes this image becomes slightly negative, indicates the vanity and arrogance, so ladies often choose a small image, or applied to the closed area of ​​the body.

Tattoo pen for girls — wisdom, beauty and lightness

Sleek and sexy look image of a bird in the area of ​​the neckline in a rich and bright plumage. Beautifully simple image obtained with drops of dew, as the ancient peoples feathers associated with rain and fertility. With their help, the dragon could go up to heaven and bring the long-awaited rain.

Girls are choosing patterns with more gentle contours and flowing lines to emphasize the beauty of the legs or waist.

The attractive look feather tattoo on her ankle, clavicle, shoulder, arm, outer part of the thigh, especially in the realistic style. Well it looks like a small feather on the wrist or finger.

The image on the back is often represents renewal and cyclical, but it can emphasize tenderness and grace owner. It is interesting to get an accurate pen under the breast, repeating its contour. On the belly is better to put the big picture with bird, flowers and precious stones. Attract the attention of three or two feathers with beads or flower arrangement around the wrist, ankle.


Mind, knowledge, prudence

тату лебедь 30

Loyalty, fidelity, beauty of the inner world

Photos and designs

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