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A feather tattoo attracts attention with its unique meaning and beauty. Our article will help you to choose the right picture, to combine it correctly with other images. After viewing a selection of interesting photos and sketches, it will be easier for you to determine the shape of the picture and part of the body.

In the ancient times, the feather was an attribute of warriors and leaders, showed their strength, skill and stamina. Shamans used it in ritual dances. It helped to keep in touch with the gods and dead relatives, protected from evil spirits, symbolized immortality. Feathers were associated with dreams, weaved them into the charm of the dream catcher in order to sleep well, bad thoughts and visions flew away.

The feathers tattoos were applied by majestic people, who earned respect from others on the battlefield and their actions. Often the image was an attribute of power. The body pictures in Indian style and black shades are often chosen by men. It looks good with a feather and Indian ornaments.

Christian clergymen wore a ring with three feathers, which symbolized a benefactor, faith, hope, mercy. The attribute of birds denoted beauty and pointed to the upper class and luxury in ancient Greeks. The feathers have been associated with wind and air due to their lightness and weightlessness, and therefore often they embody freedom, tenderness, purity, flight, dream, elevation, truthfulness, inspiration, creativity in many cultures.

The body pictures look beautiful on the back, foot, along the spine. Men basically choose massive drawings in monophonic design. A feather on the arm (especially from the hand to the elbow), the back or the shoulder means courage, determination, courage for them, which was typical for the Indian soldiers. A picture often protects from trouble, illness, defeat.

The image depends on the location, the shade, which bird it belongs to. Men often make such a picture with the skull, as if connecting two worlds: living and dead. Often, the image can be found in creative, freethinking personalities.

In general, the pattern is applied in gray or black shades, however, girls often choose a wide range of colors:

  • purple feather emphasizes the character of the possessor, his principle;
  • Green or blue represents peace, striving for stability;
  • a red tint symbolizes victory over the enemy or life circumstances;
  • Yellow or orange — small ambitions, coziness, spiritual harmony.

From the additional elements and location of the tattoo, the feather changes its meaning also:

  • If the focus is on a cut feather, it will mean heartache, loss, defeat;
  • Broken rod — separation from a loved one, shattered dreams;
  • an abandoned or falling feather — sadness.

From the bird depends and the final symbols of the current picture:

  • Owl feather — protection from evil spirits, intelligence, and survival (often impose on the body of esoteric and magic lovers).
  • Eagle — strength, survival, courage, honor, fearlessness, wisdom, dexterity. Indian soldiers believed that such a body image would help to acquire the character and abilities of this bird.
  • Ostrich — justice and truthfulness. The Egyptians worshiped the goddess Maat of justice and order. She was always portrayed with an ostrich feather on her head. There was no court without her participation, even after her death.
  • Crane — immortality.
  • Firebirds — mystery, elegance, beauty.
  • A burning feather of a phoenix is a revival, immortality, renewal.
  • Tattoo of a large feather with birds flying upwards — purposefulness, freedom-loving, elevation. The picture looks attractive when the villi «straighten» the wings and rise to the sky.
  • Simple feather of a bird — faith, courage, freedom, talent, spirituality, inner strength.

Meaning of peacock feather tattoo

Peacock attracts with his bright and beautiful coloring, so girls often put his feather on the body. They symbolize kindness, luck, bright life, greatness, nobility and tenderness. The vigilance and caution were indicated in some cultures, Christians associated them with rebirth, the Greeks saw the shining stars and sun in them, but the circle on the peacock pointed to the eye of Satan. In other nations, he meant foresight, spiritual purity and openness, was a talisman and protected from troubles and evil spirits.

• The body picture became an emblem for tailors and a symbol of luck in the modeling business. Owners of a peacock feather tattoo attract with their positive, honesty, kindness, patience. Often it is applied to the hand, but the girl’s picture looks beautiful behind the ear or on the auricle, on the neck, foot, ribs, and abdomen.

• Sometimes this image takes on a slightly negative character, indicates vanity and arrogance, so ladies choose often small pictures or put on a closed area of the body.


The image of a bird in the decollate area in a rich and bright plumage is attractive and sexy. A simple picture with drops of dew looks beautiful, as the feathers were associated with rain and fertility in ancient peoples. The dragon could climb to the sky and cause a long-awaited downpour with their help.

Girls choose pictures with more gentle outlines and smooth lines to emphasize the beauty of the legs or waistline.

The feather tattoo on the ankle, collarbone, shoulder blade, arm, outer thigh looks very attractive, especially in a realistic style. A small feather on the wrist or finger looks good.

The image on the back often indicates renewal and cyclicity, but it can emphasize the tenderness and grace of the possessor. It is interesting to get a feather under the breast, repeating its outline. It is better to put a big picture with a bird, flowers or precious stones on the stomach. Three or two feathers with beads or floral composition around the wrist, ankles draw attention.

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