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Fire tattoo meanings

Tattoo Fire symbolizes the natural element that is difficult to control and contain it in the form of raging. If the fire is depicted as a candle flame or torch, it is the mystery of knowledge, complete the internal energy, the internal flame of the human soul.

Passion. It was her first symbolizes fire. This heating symbol, active forward motion, release stormy emotions, strength and power, a symbol of temptation and sin. It may mean that the owner of the tattoo Languages ​​ flame is full of love and passion, endowed with warmth.

Destruction. It symbolizes the unbridled flame, which is difficult to tame. It sweeps away everything in its path, to give a new start to the old, to complete the stage of life. Tattoo Fire symbolizes hope, the expected warmth, the light in the darkness. If you know how to manage it, then after the destruction can be achieved unattainable heights.

Тату-огонь-на-запястье Тату-крест-в-огне Татуировка-языки-пламени татуировка-с-языками-пламени Татуировка-с-пламенем

Rebirth. From the ashes rise up burnt the city, and the man is able to burn all the unpleasant past and be reborn to a bright new life. Meaning tattoo flames as a symbol of rebirth: sign of change, transformation, updates , the birth of a new light


The secret knowledge. In the philosophy of Prometheus’ fire is a symbol of knowledge, teaching, light. This tattoo can select a person with a strong and developed inner world on the path of light and knowledge. Flame tattoo emphasizes that he will be able to cope with the unknown element of his soul.

The mystical significance. In the religions and mystical teachings are using a cleansing and crushing the power of fire during rituals and sacraments. Fire helps to increase human mystical abilities, prayer symbolizes flying with smoke upward to God.

Additional symbols in the tattoo fire

Heart in flame indicates a desire to go through life with the blazing heart, sweet heart commitment to the ideals, serious mental anguish.

Tattoo flames around an object or animal — is a sign of power and movement, but with a negative connotation: it is rage, Forbidden, vicious, destructive force, swept in life. Car among flames is speedy, uncontrolled movement of life, reluctance to time to slow down, stop and think.

The value of the tattoo, depending on the location.

  • In the heart — anguish, self-sacrifice
  • .

  • The flames on their feet — a symbol of high-speed
  • .

  • In the groin area of ​​the body — increased excessively sexy
  • .

  • On the head or around it in the form of a halo — a sign of genius, divine power, high mental capacities
  • .

The value of the tattoo is designed to confirm the fire fiery energy of her medium. This polar character: the fire is burning soul lofty ideals or its opposite — infernal passions, waywardness, insubordination.

тату облака 1

Lightness, airiness

тату дуб 1

Power, strength, endurance

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Татуировка-с-огнем-во-всю-спину Татуировка-с-огнем Татуировка-огонь-на-спине-девушки Татуировка-огонь-на-рукаве татуировка-огонь-на-плече Татуировка-огонь Татуировка-воин-в-огне Тату-горящие-карты Тату-вечный-огонь Тату-в-виде-горящей-буквы Рукав-с-языками-пламени Рукав-с-огнем Рисунок-огненная-звезда Огненный-рукав Огненная-тату-на-руке Огненная-тату-на-огне Наколка-с-языками-пламени-на-пальцах Наколка-с-языками-пламени-на-ногах Наколка-огонь Наколка-в-виде-языков-пламени Интересная-татуировка-с-огнем Игральные-кости-в-огне Значение-языков-пламени Значение-татуировки-огонь Значение-тату-огонь Эскиз-тату-огненный-пес Череп-в-огне Фото-тату-с-горящими-картами Фото-тату-огонь Тату-языки-пламени-на-руках Тату-с-языками-пламени-на-руках Тату-с-языками-пламени-на-пальце Тату-с-огнем Тату-с-иероглифами-и-огнем Тату-сердце-в-огне-на-груди Тату-пламя-в-сосуде Тату-пиратский-череп-с-огнем

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