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The main symbol of the tattoo of firebird, of course, is a revival and immortality. This is how this original and bright tattoo is characterized. However, if we compare the Slavic firebird with a phoenix, which it personifies, then it is possible to supplement the symbolism with infinity and eternity.

Some peoples consider the firebird tattoo as a symbol of cyclicity. There is a new birth after death or even a rebirth to life. This explains a lot of tattoos with this wonderful bird among the Egyptians, Slavs and other nationalities who believe in reincarnation.


It is the definition that can compare firebird with the fire or the sun. It becomes more «material» in this interpretation, symbolizing life itself or what it gives — the Sun.

If you study the Slavic beliefs more deeply, then the feather of firebird will designate the amulet, which protects from evil spells, witchcraft or the banal evil eye. It is not without reason that in numerous tales and bylins, firebird’s feathers are mentioned, as a guard, protecting the protagonist and helping in the battle against evil.

By the same legends, the firebird easily defeats the strongest rivals and returns good and grace to the earth. In that vein, the firebird on the shoulder or side will denote the symbol of rebirth to life and prosperity.


This tattoo has no definite place, which would be recognized by all nations. And the symbolism itself does not say where to make a tattoo, so it performs the role of the amulet or allowed to achieve a more desirable and “global” goal — reincarnation. However, there are several places where it is better to make this bright and eye-catching tattoo.

A firebird on the shoulder, looking forward, will warn of danger, protect and come to the rescue. A similar situation is with the neck, where she can play the role of an angel, protecting the owner of such a tattoo.

Considering the meaning of the firebird tattoo its belonging should be emphasized as well. It seems that the bright picture is more inherent in the female sex, however, it is made by men as well. Moreover, it can be filled even on the soles of the feet or on the back of the palm, creating an original drawing, even if it is small.

What is noteworthy, the cyclical nature of life and the change of the old by the new also allow people to make a tattoo for older ones. Exactly they, wise with life, understand that everything once comes time to change, renew and give way.

This understanding is also consistent with the legend of the phoenix, the western version of the firebird. Studying what the firebird tattoo means, be sure to find a legend in which the phoenix prepared a bed of fragrant herbs and burned himself for a revival. Three days later, in this nest, a new or renewed bird was born from the ashes, which contained all his past lives and knowledge.

Probably, this legend speaks of another symbol of the firebird tattoo — wisdom. Living 500 years, and then, again reborn from the ashes with all the knowledge, this bird can be called wise and eternal.

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