37 Flamingo Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Flamingo tattoo meanings

Flamingo — beautiful, bright bird, preferring to stand on one leg. It is known that the eye it is greater than the brain. Egyptians considered sacred bird flamingo. Ancient Egyptian sun god Ra is shown in the old frescoes of the feathered head and human body. In Europe, the bird symbolizes love, innocence and lightheadedness, inability to live independently, without outside love and care.

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For Americans flamingo was a symbol of stupidity and tastelessness. Pink plastic birds dressed people instead of necklaces and other jewelry, decided to surprise their envious neighbors. Nowadays tattoo flamingo — a symbol of environmentalists , so this tattoo is very often choose the leaders of such movements


tattoos with pink flamingos do not only women but also men. There are two completely opposite meanings tattoo Flamingo:

  1. This is tattooed pure intentions, romance, innocence of the owner.

  2. Tattoos, made in Egyptian style, will symbolize the power and wisdom of the host.

How and where to draw?

The picture flamingos often prick to the forearm or lower leg. Rarely do the tattoo on the back side. Bird depicted as singly and in pairs. Tattoo with two birds choose more women than men. This tattooed suitable for the faithful and romantic people .

Color tattoo depicting Flamingos is the perfect image of the attribute extravagant, self-confident people. If a person feels powerful and clever, then he needs to do a tattoo in the ethnic Egyptian style, corresponding to the canons of the time.

It occurs tattoo flamingos are rare, so the owner is sure to attract the attention and genuine interest.

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Sincerity, credulity


Fun, lighthearted, humorous

Photos and designs

flamingo-tattoo-on-chest-34e14e2fedc29759525fb996d016443c98eeeb9b Flamingo-web iftattoo_com-2 iftattoo_com-55 IMG_9348 justin4 krantenkapper4 l_c00cc4a8522b4ad2a06037eb50dd6820 markhalbstark n_-L7Zhn5Ms PINK BIRD tattooshkaflamingo2 Tatuagem-de-Flamingo-no-Dedo the-red-bird-tattoo-designs-and-meaning-for-men-on-sleeve Y0bdNsgm028 Красивая тату фламинго Наколка фламинго на шее Тату с фламинго на плече Тату с фламинго Тату фламинго на бедре Тату фламинго на предплечье Тату фламинго Татуировка фламинго на ноге Татуировка фламинго на предплечье Татуировка фламинго Фото тату с фламинго Эскиз тату фламинго в стиле фламинго

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