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Flowers in tattoos

Tattoo flower this is probably the most common among all kinds of wearable images. Each master directory has at least a pair of such works. Love for floristry occurred to lovers of tattoos with either simple. The vast majority of tattoo with the image of flowers belongs to the girls, but occasionally, such compositions can also be found on the man’s body, and they look stylish and relevant. But why is it the flowers have become so attractive for female tattoos? The reasons for this craze flora few.

First of all, with a flower tattoo — beautiful and aesthetic image , which will be harmonious and appropriate to look at any part of the body. This is the case when a tattoo of a flower on the entire width of the back and a small bud size of a cigarette pack on your arm or leg will be equally good options.

тату гладиолус 1

Protection in the fight

тату ирис 27

The value depends on the color


The desire to bring good luck


The integrity, humility, charity


The quest for the unattainable, overcoming barriers

тату нарцисс 30

Narcissistic, lightheadedness, vanity

тату кувшинка 1
Water lily

Communication, past and present

тату манголия 30

Beauty and charm, self-esteem, self-sacrifice

татуировка тюльпан

Faith in the best



тату ландыш 25
Lily of the valley

Love, family values


Solitude, loneliness

Одуванчик на плече девушки

Rebirth, recurrence, persistence


Greatness, strength, swiftness

Татуировка пион на пояснице

Longevity, durability


Beauty, love, purity


Youth, beauty, transience of life

Тату в виде чертополоха



Love symbol

Everything depends only on your preferences and taste of the future owner. From the point of view of the artist’s image of a flower can be both simple and highly complex, painstaking work. Look for a good picture of any plant and pay attention to how much detail it:

  • flowing lines;
  • volumetric shadows;
  • small parts;
  • multiple play of colors;
  • a variety of lighting effects.

All of this will be transferred to the skin with a needle. But the result is worth hours of torment and publications. Qualitatively made tatuha will delight you for life and recharge positive vibrations. It is like nothing else emphasizes the beauty and elegance of the female body.

Another reason to make a tattoo of flowers is their value. In this picture it is important to all — selection of plants, colors, number of petals, and other elements, such as insects or water droplets. The total value of tattoo colors associated with the flowering process, the dissolution of the petals. This phenomenon usually represents the youth and vitality of a girl blossoming strength, brightness and refinement.

Tattoo Colour has no less important , than the selected plant species. The most popular of all -. Red and White

The white color is considered to be the embodiment of virgin purity of heart, purity. Red color indicates bud passionate nature owner tattoo. Often, these tattoos as a red rose are called sexy girl emphasize, amorous and even ready for romance.
Separately, about the meaning of each flower will be discussed in other articles, but here we list the most popular options for tattoos with pictures of flowers.

Do you want to learn the meaning of a tattoo with your favorite flower? Write the name in the comments, and we will satisfy your interest!

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