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Forest tattoo meaning

As you remember, we have already touched on the subject of tattoos depicting landscape and gathered an impressive collection of sketches and photos on this topic. Among them, of course, a significant proportion of paintings of forests and trees.

Today, we would like to tell a little more about the importance of forest tattoos on the body and what options that tattoos are popular among fans of underwear painting.

Татуировка лес на спине

Of key importance of tattoo in the form of forest — way journey. Sometimes these paintings as a symbol of the lost or lost people who looking for their place in life and seek to determine the correctness of the way.

By itself, the image of the forest contains many specific characters, which give the tattoo more values. Indeed, in addition to the landscape of the body can be represented by a variety of birds and animals, the trail as a search character, guiding star, the sun and many different attributes. In any case, such a pattern for qualitative execution will delight and fascinate the eye.

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From the photographs that we picked up for you in this article, you can draw several conclusions.

  1. This complex and colorful plot is very difficult to fit on a small part of the body. Therefore forest landscape — a a tattoo for the back, chest and other bulk skin
  2. .

  3. Tattoo forest — a good idea for the sleeve. The uniformity and homogeneity of the picture allows successfully place the image around the hand so that from all angles tattoo will look nice and holistically.

  4. In most cases, the image of the forest on the skin, tattoo fans choose the most realistic style of drawing. However, such a story — a great field for stylistic experimentation. Look to watercolors and blekvorku! I am sure that here you will find some useful ideas!

Well, we congratulate you on your choice of a successful idea for the tattoo and wish a speedy creation of a suitable sketch!

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