43 Fortune Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Fortune tattoo meanings

People at all times believed in good luck and tried to encourage her to me for help. Even in the works found «bird of happiness.» A variety of methods — to use charms, animals, birds. One option — Fortune tattoo on the body, which will be inseparable from the holder and will make his life successful. From the point of view of psychology is to bring a person self-confidence and will really help in all your endeavors. Fortune called the goddess of fortune, and depicted in mythology blindfolded. It is hence the aphorism: «Nothing ventured, nothing gained.» Because of the inability to see, she could not notice people calling to her for help.


Possible varients

The value of the tattoo is one of Fortune — it calls for good luck in life, it helps in all matters. Different cultures have used a variety of ways images of tattoos that symbolize good luck.

  • Kёlty used four-leaf clover, which is extremely rare in nature.

  • In China, people believe in the lucky number.

  • The Europeans used as a symbol of the horseshoe. It is believed that if it hangs over the door, it will not only bring good luck, but also protects.

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  • Frequently used characters, symbolizing the word «happiness», «luck» or inscriptions in Latin. With the characters should be careful and consult with experts, since any incorrect hyphen can radically change the value.

  • Wheel of Fortune as the tattoo is designed not only to bring good luck, and symbolizes the fickleness of fate.

  • With luck also attached dice, card.

  • Some people prefer to proceed by contradiction and used as a tattoo of Fortune symbols that carry a negative value.

Photo Fortune tattoo show how they can be varied in shape, size, location and brilliance. They are used by representatives of any sex and age. Whichever option people would not choose, everything will depend on his faith in the power of the tattoo and its impact on his life.

Эскизы и фото

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