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Fox tattoo meanings

Fox Tattoo attracts with its beauty and symbolism of double-digit, borders the positive and negative of the image washed away. Which figure choose to emphasize the dignity of our article will help along with a large selection of photos and sketches.

With Fox involves a lot of legends and stories, and wearable pictures with her image was applied to the ancient doctors and smiths. In the West, wary predator, the Inquisition made her a messenger of the devil, in Russia it has become a cheat and a liar, and the Eastern peoples worshiped her. Unequivocally say that the fox can not be a negative image: it was a sly and insidious, but reached their goals without violent methods and could even defeat a powerful enemy


The value of tattoos fox-valued, but often has a positive character and will approach individuals with innovative thinking, intelligent, charming and determined, independent and nimble, liberated and knowing his worth.

Fox Tattoo in Chinese style. Animal embodied luck and longevity, so often men loaded image as a talisman to a long and happy life. Women cheat redhead was a negative character, symbolized love and insidious seduction, breaks up families. She hypnotized men, took away money, freedom, power, and they prophesied doom, ate their spiritual energy.


Fox was symbol of transformation : after a certain period of time (up to 1000’s of years) it turned into a beautiful woman or a handsome youth. The longer an animal lives, the stronger it becomes, the greater her fluffy red tail. But werewolves foxes (kitsune) not only kill seduction and love, but also protect from poverty and danger. Tattoo Fox with 9 or 3 tails — protection from unrequited love or money fiasco


predator image in the Japanese style. No matter in what position depicted animal, it symbolizes wealth and fertility. Redhead rogue ministered Inari (god of rice fields, abundance and all herbs). Japanese made of bronze or clay figurines, placed at the entrance to a temple or a house to attract wealth and provide itself with a good harvest. The snow-white tail tip was considered the stone of happiness. They worshiped and white predator, considered him a messenger of God. It is often possible to meet the tattoo fox businessmen. Wallpaper in Japanese style also means that people cultivators, develops the powers of observation and wit, has a strength of mind.


underwear picture fox in the Celtic style. Brave and invincible soldiers loaded the image to protect it from theft, fire and danger, and to awaken intuition and caution is needed in battle. The Celts ginger animal represents wisdom, knowledge, honor and was a guide to the underworld. If an animal falls into the trap, then gnaws itself tab. Men often cause such an image on the body, hinting that there is nothing more precious than freedom. Figure fox in a trap means inner restlessness and throwing.

The Indians believed that the predator protect all people without exception, so the image is applied to the representatives of different tribes. She was considered sacred, because it showed what herbs can cure diseases, taught the art of hunting, he showed how to place snares and traps. Tattoo grin Fox was applied to doctors, soldiers, hunters and shamans.

The Nordic nations, along with the Scandinavians believed cheat symbol of awakening of nature, a new life. It helps babies and expectant mothers. Redhead stuffed fox tattoo healers and health workers, soothsayers. According to legend, the animal stole the flames with a fire of Loki, the god of cunning, deception and disobedience, to outwit him no one could. Underwear image as a band of two foxes means intuition helps uncover a lie or a conspiracy. Due to the beliefs of the beast became associated with fire, thought that by touching the ground with the tail born flames. Blacksmiths applied in a pattern cheats to protect yourself from burns or lightning.

The Egyptians depicted in the image of god Cleanup chanterelles Fenech. He was the mediator between heaven and earth, the diplomat, persuaded the gods not to destroy humanity. Ancient healers and priests applied tattoos black steppe fox on your wrist as a sign of respect. They believed that Tolok help in difficult situations, and after the death takes to his kingdom, will teach diplomacy and healing. Underwear picture Fenech embodies freedom of thought, intelligence, choose their own way of life. The beast was a mascot for someone who resisted the cycle of life, regardless of the situation. However, many considered her cunning, a symbol of hypocrisy and wickedness.

Residents of Peru believed that the predator can control the mind of man. She represented the mind, the courage, the strength of the warrior. In Korea, it symbolized procreation and feminine appeal, and in some ancient tribes even promiscuity. The Romans saw in her the image of the devil, and beware of animal.

Features tattoos foxes


underwear picture cheats looks good in black and white or geometric image , when a small elements formed the outline of the animal. Draws attention colorful drawing predators, mainly in red, orange colors, especially with big and bushy tail. It is interesting and fun to get an animal in the form of a cartoon character, especially in the area of ​​the hip.

Good looks fox tattoo on her arm, shoulder blade, shoulder. Masters recommend to first select the area of ​​the body under the image, and then determined with sketches. On the lower leg, hand or foot will look good figures sneaking cheat or animal in full growth with outstretched paws. On other sections can be applied to larger image on the back, side, abdomen — a story together with other animals


It is important to remember that from the look of the beast and his posture changes and the importance of tattoos:

  • focuses on the face — a symbol of curiosity, on the tail — Agility;
  • grin — the tricks of Satan, or increased aggressiveness;
  • eyes narrowed — the personification of cunning and ingenuity;
  • beautifully curved body — sexy, seductive;
  • fox curled up — the vulnerability, the desire to shut out the cold and danger, the desire to heat
  • .

In general, the image of the animal breaks the stereotypes, violates the standards. Well look wearable pictures with the words, life motto in English or Latin. You can focus on the rich fur fluffy tail prorisovyvaya each hairs. Predator with three eyes personifies wisdom, developed instincts and a sharp look.

Tattoo fox men — skill and dedication

predator Image occur more often in girls, but men fox helps the subjugation of any life situation, circumstances compel to swim in the right direction. The image looks interesting beast in unusual pose: to jump or stand during class kung fu or karate. It is advisable not to put an animal with graceful curves, it is better to focus on a grin, showing that the owner can stand up for themselves.

It is interesting to look fox tattoo on his chest, when the nipple turns in place of the animal’s nose. Unusually looks red ladies’ man in a suit and with a bouquet of flowers, as if going on a date. Unlike girls, foxes can symbolize and loyalty, as predators are choosing a companion for life and lost her grieve and die alone.

Fox Tattoo for girls — seductiveness and cunning

For the shy and kind-hearted girl predator image is unlikely to fit. It is desirable that the person was a bright, clever, purposeful, prudent and a little whimsical, with enormous charisma and sexuality. Figures predator can symbolize levity and self-love.

Look beautiful pictures in the style of the fairies, colorful animal with flowers and diamond pendant. It is interesting to look small chanterelles behind the ear, on the neck or head of the two symmetrical animal between the shoulder blades. Magnificent fire and black muzzle predator or clever in the bows and floral arrangements, framed in oval frames. Bright red head to toe looks neatly and effectively.

Crouching fox on her leg, hand or foot along the lines looks very elegant, it highlights the beauty of the perfect girl. Elongated predator shin focuses on slender legs.

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Photos and designs

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