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Ganesha tattoo meaning

Now quite often you can find exotic and unusual tattoos. Often they serve as the basis for images of Indian deities, such as Ganesha. He — one of the most revered symbols in India. It is a figure with the head of an elephant and a human, rather plump, body. Completeness Ganesha is not accidental. In the stomach, it contains energy cluster with the past, present and future.

Often depicted with a snake deity. It wraps around the neck, waist or ankles. The snake — a symbol of power conversion. Ganesha can be shown in different positions: sitting, standing or dancing. The number of hands of God varies from 2 to 32 from picture to picture. In them, he can hold a variety of things:

  • the rosary — a symbol of the pursuit of knowledge,
  • ax — to remove obstacles,
  • loop — for catching the difficulties on the way,
  • sweets — delight for the soul.
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His image in India can be found in the palaces of the rich and the poor shacks. Ganesha is considered the lord of success and destroyer of obstacles, both material and spiritual. This god is asked about success in business affairs. Students apply for assistance in entering and passing examinations.

Choosing a tattoo plot

Ganesha tattoo may mean that the people are Hindus, or an interest in Indian culture. As a rule, it has religious overtones. But for people unfamiliar with the Hindu gods, it is simply exotic and unusual idea to decorate themselves.

The value of Ganesh tattoos: the holder has a special fortitude and patience, or wants to buy them. According to the Hindus, it removes obstacles on the path of life and leads to the road to well-being and prosperity.

At the same time, the deity can create obstacles to the greedy and ambitious people. Given the importance of tattoos Ganesha, with the help of such a character can attract success. He will come to those who have a bright mind and a pure mind.

Abstracting from cultural and religious components, it is worth considering the technical performance of Ganesh tattoos.

The image scale, with lots of small details, so you will need a large area for its application. Often a tattoo made on the back or the forearm. No gender preferences — like most religious image, Ganesh will decorate the body of a guy and a girl.

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Photos and designs

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