57 Garter Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Garter tattoo meanings

Tattoos in the form of a garter choose bold and self-confident women who want to emphasize their femininity and sexuality. This image does not carry any hidden philosophy, unlike many other options tattoo, but it carries a strong emotional overtones.

By itself, the garter is a symbol of seductive women, as well as its mystery (after all, this accessory is always hidden clothing, and see it can only close person). This gives the picture as its possessor, an additional appeal in the eyes of any man.

It is worth noting that the garter really does not leave indifferent the stronger sex: very often this accessory is mentioned in classical literature to emphasize the femininity of the heroine. Many famous directors and garters accentuate the attention of viewers.

Often there work, including extra spicy element in the form of a knife or a gun. Such male characters did not detract from a feminine tattoo the garter on the leg, on the other hand, add a touch of passion and danger.

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Technique sketch tattoo the garter can be different:

  • the classic image of the garter;
  • a tattoo in the form of ethnic ornament;
  • garter stylized barbed wire;
  • garter as labels (often in Latin).


In addition, garter tattoo on the foot can be supplemented with a variety of ribbons, flowers, hearts, and even skulls (this option is ideal for the most daring and uninhibited women who like to shock their partners).

If you choose to stuff your garter before the session, remove the hair from the surface of the thighs, so that they did not prevent the master pattern applied to the skin. The best thing here is suitable hair removal wax.

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Photos and designs

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