25 Geisha Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Geisha tattoo meaning

Geisha tattoo rooted in the culture of Japan — a country of melting a thousand legends, hidden under a haze of mystery and ancient philosophy. Such unpretentious image, as a rule, brought to perfection, like everything they touch the people of Japan.

There is no doubt, now, some values tattoo irretrievably lost. And the image is applied due to their attractiveness, not paying attention to the value, either by inventing its own meaning.

Vintage tattoos

Most believe that geisha tattoo has the same meaning as in life. Commercials girls who are ready to maintain small talk, to entertain an interesting story or song.

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But in Japan it adopted a different attitude to the drawings to be applied to the body. Because of the ban on nudity Geisha applied to your body figures depicting legends or historical events. Clean stayed only hands, feet, neck and face. The body is covered with drawings, reminiscent of the fabric and created the illusion of clothes .

According to tradition, the geisha had a close relationship with only one man. After a time, they became quite close. Sometimes patterns applied to the same body, thus demonstrating, feelings.

Modern variant

Nowadays, on the contrary, there is a prohibition on the application of patterns on the body. Modern representatives of the profession are resolved to break it using a special technology invisible tattoo. They are applied, of course, the geisha image.

Technology Tattoo performance served as the appearance of a special direction in the art of drawing on the body. In our time, this tattoo is selected, both women and men. For the fair sex sketch geisha tattoo symbolizes femininity, soft-hearted, for men — a love of beauty. Women choose the image for brightness and effectiveness. The majority of tattoos are executed in color.

Suitable such tattoos for creative people, because geisha in translation — the representative of the art. Meaning tattoo geisha in an effort to fulfill the innermost desires.

tattoos made on different parts of the body:

  • Women — on the back or hands. Tattoo looks spectacular on the lower leg.

  • Men can depict geisha chest.

Increased value geisha tattoo combines feminine humility and fortitude. The mystery, moderation, education — the story embodies the important women of virtue.

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Photos and designs

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