25 Geisha Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women


Geisha tattoo originates in the culture of Japan — a country that has a thousand legends hidden under the haze of mystery and ancient philosophy. Such simple images, as a rule, are thoroughly thought over, like everything that has been touched by the inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun.

Undoubtedly, now some tattoo meanings are irretrievably lost. And the images are tattooed because they are attractive, either without paying attention to the meaning or inventing new meaning.


Most people believe that the geisha tattoo has the same meaning as it is in life. Such girls are ready to keep a sophisticated small talk, entertain with an interesting story or song.

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But in Japan, they have a different attitude to images inked on body. Since there was the ban on exposing the body of a geisha, they inked pictures depicting legends or historical events on their bodies. Only palms, feet, neck and face remained clean. The body, covered with tattoos, resembled a fabric and created the illusion of clothing.

According to tradition, the geisha had a close relationship only with one man. After a while they became quite close to each other. Sometimes, they inked the same tattoos on their bodies, demonstrating their feelings in such a way.


Nowadays, on the contrary, there is the ban on inking tattoos on body. Modern representatives of this profession decide to break it, using a special technology of invisible tattooing. Of course, they tattoo images of geisha.

The technique of tattooing contributed to emergence of a special trend in the art of body inking. Nowadays, such a tattoo is chosen by women and men. The sketch of geisha tattoo symbolizes femininity, kindness for women, and the love of beauty – in case of men. Women choose the image because it’s bright and impressive. Most tattoos are inked in color.

Such tattoos will be perfect for creative people, because geisha is translated as an artist. Geisha tattoo also means striving for fulfillment of hidden desires.

Tattoo is inked on different parts of the body:

  • Women — on back or arms. The tattoo looks spectacular on calves.
  • Men can have geisha tattoos on chest.

The broader meaning of the geisha tattoo combines women’s obedience and fortitude. Mysteriousness, restraint, education — this plot personifies important female virtues.

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