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Since tattoos came into being, they have served not only to decorate bodies, but also carried a deep symbolism. Now, when fans of tattoo-culture pay less attention to the meaning of images, the symbolism put in the sketch still plays an important role. Anything can be the source of inspiration. It can be history, mythology, favorite works of art, hobbies or even your own zodiac sign. Today we will talk about the meaning of tattoo with Gemini zodiac sign, consider a few unhackneyed stories and offer stylistic solutions and composition options that you are unlikely to see on anyone else.


Pollux and Castor are two of the brightest Gemini stars. There is a very beautiful and touching Greek legend, telling about true brotherly love.

According to it, the Spartan king Tyndareus was married to a woman named Leda, whose beauty was so dazzling that even Zeus couldn’t resist it. The Thunderer after seeing her once was so amazed that he decided to conquer the beautiful woman. Turning into a swan, in order to make himself scarce from Hera, his lawful wife, he penetrated into the chambers of Leda through the window. As a result, the queen gave birth to his son Polydeuces (in the Roman version — Pollux) and his daughter, the infamous Helen.

Thousands of soldiers were killed in the Trojan War because of her unearthly beauty. But at the same time the queen gave birth to two more children from her husband, also a son and daughter, Castor and Clytemnestra. Pollux, being the son of the Thunderer, received from him the most valuable gift, that is, immortality, and his brother remained mortal. However, this didn’t prevent brothers from becoming the closest people in the world.

Together with their cousins, Lynceus and Idas, they performed unprecedented feats that were well-known everywhere. But one day a serious quarrel broke out between the brothers. Idas got peeved and killed Castor. Pollux decided to take revenge for his beloved brother and started a fight with Idas. They were equally strong, so the ruler of Olympus had to interfere, and he incinerated the killer with a thunderbolt.

The grief of Pollux was so overwhelming that he couldn’t reconcile himself to the fact that his brother would have to descend into the underworld of Hades and they were doomed to be separated forever, because the immortal Pollux was never destined to sail through the dark waters of Styx. And then he began to pray his father to deprive him of immortality in order to be able to reunite with his brother, even in the gloomy possessions of Hades. Zeus was touched by the entreaty of his son and he offered him the choice: either to ascend to Olympus and perpetually feast with the gods, or spend a day in the dark kingdom of the dead with his brother, and the next day — on Olympus. Naturally, Pollux chose the second option.


For people to remember this self-sacrificing brotherly love, the Thunderer turned the brothers into stars in the firmament. Since then, the Greeks have begun to honor the constellation of Gemini and, looking at the night sky, recalled the beautiful and tragic story of two brothers. It was believed that they look at people from heaven, protect them from adversity and help travelers avoid danger in distant wanderings.


If you have already tried to search for sketches of tattoos or photos of finished works, you have probably seen a huge number of images of the same type (or even the same tattoos). Indeed, most people make a decision to ink a simple monochrome astrological sign or the constellation itself, the image of which consists of only a few dots and lines connecting them. Such works usually look as if they were whipped up. But, of course, each to his taste.

We have prepared a selection of extraordinary ideas with this zodiac sign. Perhaps, you will find the one that you will like most of all among them.


Monochrome works are always in fashion. And the point here is not only in the peculiarities of aesthetic perception, but it’s also about usefulness: black tattoos don’t fade so quickly, therefore, they need to be corrected less often than color ones. Some outstanding monochrome ideas are presented further.


In the Buddhist tradition, mandala is a symbolic representation of the universe. A self-sufficient person finds the center of the universe in himself/herself. If you place an astrological symbol of your zodiac sign in the center of the mandala, you point to your desire for self-knowledge, to the fact that the achievement of personal goals is above all for you. The Gemini symbol in this case indicates that you appreciate qualities, with which representatives of this sign are endowed, most of all. In addition, the mandala implemented freely (without observing traditional canons) looks very beautiful, thin symmetrical patterns can have a really hypnotic effect.

Dotwork is a traditional style for depicting mandalas. When thousands of tiny dots merge into a single harmonious picture, it’s hard to force eyes away from it. It’s rather difficult to correct dotwork, but frequent corrections are not required, especially if you make a tattoo on a part of the body that is rarely exposed to sunlight.


Tattoos, imitating stone bas-reliefs, are quite popular, but this doesn’t mean that you will not be able to ink something extraordinary on your body. For example, you can make a sketch in the form of a disk like the Mayan calendar, placing a voluminous Gemini sign in the center, or depicting a symbol on the wall of an ivy-cloaked ancient building. In any case, a 3D tattoo inked by a talented master will always look cool.



If you like elegant miniature works, you should consider a symbolic image of two-faced Janus in the ornamental or graphic style. A composition, in which the second person looks like the first one in the negative, will look interesting.


Color works require more care, but they often look much more spectacular. An abundance of colors can create a masterpiece that is in no way inferior to those kept in museums.


If you want to portray the Gemini symbol, but simple little works are not for you, why don’t you choose a space landscape? This will not only emphasize the message that you put in the symbol, but it will also create a vivid and large-scale picture.


The plot of the legend of Castor and Pollux touched many hearts. A realistic tattoo depicting two brothers in keeping with the best traditions of Greek art can become a real masterpiece.

Realism is one of the most complex styles of inking, so the master must be chosen responsibly, not everyone succeeds in creating realistic works. So, don’t be surprised, when you hear the price.


People born under the sign of Gemini often turn out to be multifaceted and contradictory natures, for whom it is difficult to achieve harmony. If you are one of those lucky people who succeeded in it, or you want to become one of them, the image of the beauty of nature will undoubtedly emphasize this aspiration. It can be an autumn landscape blazing with red and yellow shades, against which the branches of trees are intertwined in the sign of Gemini, or a bright spring greens with a sign adorned with fern leaves (which, by the way, is considered to be one of the plants that suits Gemini).


When it comes to astrology, people can be divided into the following two types: devout supporters that believe in all predictions of stars, and skeptics who will stop taking you seriously, as soon as you confess that you belong to the first squad. As for tattoos and their symbolism, it is not necessary to believe in the genuineness of astrology, in order to see a special meaning in the astrological sign.

If you search for characteristics of zodiac signs, you can make sure that it quite vividly describes personality traits, inclinations and aspirations of people born under them. Therefore, the image of astrological symbol can be an additional stimulus for developing these traits, and not a proof of your belief in horoscopes.

It is logical to assume that the Gemini symbol for tattoos is chosen by those who are born under this sign. But this is not necessary. For example, the Greek story of brotherly love could inspire anyone, regardless of the zodiac sign. Therefore, don’t pay attention to the conventions and opinions of other people. In the end, they are not the ones that have to have this tattoo on their body for the rest of their life.

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