37 Giraffe Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women


What associations usually occur when you see a giraffe? Of course, positive — this graceful animal wins over by its size, dimensionality of movements, unusual coloring. A similar association is caused by the tattoo of a giraffe.

No one remains indifferent to this picture. Everybody wants to consider more carefully, to see where the long neck of the animal rushes.

And although the giraffe in the form of tattoo, most often, occurs in representatives of warm countries, where this animal lives there are also many admirers of this exotic beast in our country.

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It is easy to explain their popularity – it is impossible to find kinder animal. Giraffes are in perfect contact with people, get along with each other, protect their relatives. Such qualities impress people very much.


A giraffe is a totemic animal in Africans, so they are treated with special respect and worship. The unique coloring of this animal is never repeated, just like the drawing of our fingerprints.
The relationships of animals are equally unique — they are peaceful enough, never show aggression, they treat attentively all surrounding objects. This story can be compared with the raccoon tattoo in this regard.

Such habits found their positive reflection in the giraffe tattoo — the meaning of such a drawing can’t be negative and evil. Rather, on the contrary, such a picture will attract prosperity, happiness and luck to its owner. And it will also become a kind of talisman against evil forces, failures and defeats.

The spotted pattern is the best suitable for people who have a balanced character, good nature, an active life position, nobility and cheerfulness. And this applies to both men and women, because the giraffe will look attractive both on a slender female body and on the muscular figure of a man.

It is impossible not to pay attention to images from animated films considering sketches — they are so beautiful and positive that they give the realistic images of a giraffe in the bosom of wildlife. Everything depends on the individual’s preferences, as always.

Its image will look spectacular on the legs and hands given the elongated shape of the neck of a giraffe, but can also be applied to the back, sides and chest. The mottled pattern looks equally impressive on the light and swarthy skin.

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