37 Giraffe Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Giraffe tattoo meaning

What associations usually occur in the form of a giraffe? Of course, the positive — this graceful animal wins its size, measured movements, unusual coloring. Similar associations and causes the tattoo giraffe.

indifferent to such a picture does not remain one. Everyone just wanted to see everything carefully, to see where the animal directs long neck.

Though the giraffe as a tattoo, most often found in warm representatives of the countries where the animal lives, in our country, too, a lot of fans of this exotic animal.

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To explain this popularity is simple — good-natured animal is not found. Giraffes perfectly in contact with people, get along, preserve their relatives. Such qualities can not fail to impress and people.

What does the giraffe?

At the African giraffe — a totem animal, so it is treated with special respect and worship . Unique animal painting is never the same as the picture prints of our fingers. No less unique and relationships of animals — they are quite peaceful, never show aggression, attentive to all surrounding objects. In this regard, the story can be compared with a tattoo raccoon.

Such habits found its positive reflection in the tattoo giraffe — the value of such a pattern can not be negative and evil. On the contrary, this figure will attract to its owner well-being, happiness and good fortune . And also become a kind of talisman against evil forces, failures and defeats.

It is best spotted pattern suitable for people having a balanced character, kindness, active lifestyle, generosity, cheerfulness. And this applies to both men and women, because zhirafik will look attractive as a slender woman’s body, and on the muscular male figure.

Looking at the sketches, it is impossible not to pay attention to the images of animated films — they are so beautiful and positive things that give odds realistic image of a giraffe in the lap of nature. As always, it all depends on the individual preferences of the person.

Given the elongated shape of the neck of a giraffe, his image will look spectacular on the hands and feet, but can also be applied on the back, hips and breasts. On the bright and dark skin mottled pattern looks equally impressive.

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Photos and designs

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