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Meaning of the gladiator tattoo for men is quite obvious, and it is known to every young man who once watched the eponymous film with Russell Crowe. The word itself derives from the Latin word “gladius”, which is translated as “sword”. In those distant times, gladiators were enslaved people, slaves or soldiers and criminals taken prisoners during the battles. All of them were previously taught how to handle the sword correctly. As soon as gladiators got the necessary skills, they were confronted with each other. Such massacres resulted in the death of one of them. The bloody battles in Ancient Rome had been held in arenas for seven hundred years.

At first, the Romans preferred to arrange such fights on holidays. They wanted to satisfy the cruel god of war Mars in such a way. Over time, they began to hold such battles for entertainment without much reason. The Romans borrowed offering up sacrifices in the form of gladiatorial games from the Egyptians, Etruscans and Greeks. This is easily explained by the fact that various peoples, who either were conquered or voluntarily joined, lived throughout the Empire.


Initially, prisoners of war and all those who were sentenced to death became gladiators. There was a law according to which the victorious fighter, who defeated all rivals, won a considerable amount of money. He had the right to buy out his own life. Sometimes people, in pursuit of a large amount of money, became gladiators voluntarily.

All the slaves were divided into types. And it depended on what kind of weapons they would have, whether he would fight on horseback or on foot, with animals, people or he would simply need to show acts with animals.

Even women could take part in such battles. Later, dwarfs were allowed to fight.

Gladiatorial were officially banned in 404, when Emperor Honorius came to power. In those days, Christian religion had already been there and the audience was outraged by everything that was happening in the arena. After the decree was introduced, they kept on holding gladiatorial games, but all the participants remained alive. In those days, a special school occurred. They taught to fight and prepared people for battles for money at those schools. After the collapse of the Empire, gladiatorial games were no longer held.


While choosing a tattoo, a man always wants to look courageous and strong. The best masculine qualities can be emphasized by a tattoo featuring a Roman slave-gladiator. However, sometimes this pattern is chosen by women. We suggest figuring out what meaning the gladiator tattoo has for men and women.


It can be claimed with certainty that the tattoo with gladiator is purely male one. It will look especially beautiful on the sporty male body. But even if a man can’t boast of such a trim figure, he has the right to make a tattoo with gladiator, if he possesses character traits inherent in the Roman slave. The main meanings of gladiator tattoo for men are as follows:

  • fearlessness, courage
  • aggression
  • desire to always be free
  • loyalty

A tattoo with gladiator image is unlikely to be the best option for a diffident and timid man. It will suit brave and determined young men. Having inked such a tattoo, a man can openly declare that he is not afraid of life difficulties and is ready to fight anyone who challenges him.

Sometimes such a tattoo will embody aggression. That’s why, you shouldn’t rush with the choice of the picture, if you have a mild nature.

Roman slaves had always dreamed of freedom. So, tattoos with Roman gladiators will show that you are a freedom-loving person.


Sometimes the tattoo with a picture of a gladiator is chosen by women. Women shouldn’t be condemned or criticized for such a tattoo. For women, the tattoo in the form of a Roman slave will mean as follows:

  • love of freedom
  • courage
  • hopelessness
  • loyalty

Don’t be surprised to see a girl or a woman with the gladiator tattoo. She might have chosen such a tattoo because of the beauty, since these tattoos often look very impressive.

тату гладиатора 4

However, more often women choose these pictures to show their strong and freedom-loving nature.

Every gladiator understood that he was a slave and he had only one chance to survive. It meant he had to win and he became stronger every time he did. Inking such a tattoo, sometimes a woman wants to show her despair and a desire to become stronger, despite the trials of fate.


Before you go to the tattoo studio, it’s important to decide on the sketch. Today, there are many options for gladiator tattoos. So it can be a gladiator tattoo of Spartacus, as well as the gladiator with armor and helmet. Gladiator’s Coliseum is a rather interesting variant of the image.

Since the tattoo is usually inked in realistic style, try to find a good master. Everything will be important here: posture, facial expressions, weapons, gestures.

If desired, you can ink the tattoo with the face of a Roman slave or him full-length. As an option, you can ink a tattoo with a plot. The tattoo can be either in color or in black and white.


A picture of gladiator will look especially spectacular along the entire back, on arm, stomach and on leg. A lot will depend on the selected sketch. The plot tattoo of the gladiatorial game is better to be inked on a more voluminous area, that is, the back or abdomen. Tattoos with a helmet and armor are often inked on arm, leg and shoulder.

You can make tattoos of Roman gladiators in tattoo studios. You can use not only the fan art from the Internet as a sketch. Even shots from films will be good for this purpose. However, we recommend avoiding plagiarizing. You’d better turn to professionals who will draw a special sketch for you. By the way, further you will find a link to the largest studio, which work with sketches.

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