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Gladiolus tattoo meaning

Tattoo — both ancient and eternally young art. Originating at the dawn of civilization, it has not lost its appeal to this day.

Flower symbols — one of the most popular motifs in art. A tattoo Gladiolus takes its place among the 15 most popular flower designs for the skin image.

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Do not be mislead delicate appearance of this flower. His name rings and sparkles steel! The word «gladiolus» is derived from the Latin word «gladius», that the translated sword .

Apparently, this warlike name of the flower was due to the shape of its stem, which actually resembles the blade of the ancient weapon. Image of gladiolus were soldiers and mercenaries, believing that this amulet will provide more agility in the handling of weapons and protect from injuries.

It was only in the eighteenth century gladiolus becomes a symbol of healing and tenderness. This value it has retained to this day. Therefore, most often, a tattoo of a gladiolus stuffed graceful young girls. Places of drawing quite traditional:

  • shoulders,
  • tibia,
  • back.

Still, old value is erased before the end of the symbol. Holders of tattoos often have gladiolus fighting qualities, capable of bold deeds, but can be cut in expressions.


The quest for the unattainable, overcoming barriers

тату ландыш 25
Lily of the valley

Love, family values

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