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Globe tattoo meaning

The art of tattooing has kept pace with the times and progress. There are not only new ways to create a tattoo, but also new designs. Globe Tattoo — one of these characters, which fully corresponds to the modern level of development of the society


Globe — a relatively new phenomenon in the culture of underwear painting. Meaning it was always the same — it is a model of the planet, a symbol of peace and the integrity of the whole earth . The spherical shape in many cultures is associated with perfection and infinity, or the revival of immortality.

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Meaning tattoo globe has an even broader meaning. In addition to the traditional character of science and knowledge, a globe is a philosophical perception of reality, the pursuit of harmony, as well as a keen interest in the unknown, the need for travel and discoveries.

Change the traditional symbolism of the tattoo can be a globe, causing the name of any geographical locations or countries. This label makes it more individual, emphasizes the personal preferences of the owner of the picture, a biography or a profession. Apply the globe, usually at his shoulders, sometimes on the chest and wrists.

fills a picture prefer ladies who are inclined to know the world and travel because of its nature and properties of nature. Gender future owner, in this case does not matter.

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The ease of travel attraction

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Eight ball

Good luck, passion

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