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Goldfish tattoo meanings

Goldfish tattoo today are so popular with our fellow citizens, and that they do not think about the fact that this figure has come to us from eastern culture. Many Russians still believe that the prototype of a beautiful picture is a character from a fairy tale by Alexander Pushkin. And such a tattoo is applied for the sole purpose — to fish helped to fulfill all their whims and desires .

In fact, the value of a goldfish tattoo is not as straightforward, because the fish in the eastern culture deified, considering totem animal. For example, in China there is a legend that tells the story of how from the depths of the ocean world was a divine being. Another legend says that the fish is a type of revived bitter tears beautiful maidens.

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Whatever it was, but the value of a goldfish tattoo still has oriental roots, because the Chinese Song Dynasty in ancient times has introduced the tradition to bestow the Buddhist temples of these beautiful creatures. Every Buddhist temple had a pool filled with crystal clear water, where and sent goldfish.

The value of a goldfish tattoo in the East

The universal worship of fishes observed in the East, and today, for good reason, they symbolize the prosperity, wealth, purity, longevity and are a kind of talisman against bad luck and misfortune.

Another important value fishes attributes oriental culture — unity of fire and water element is the unity of opposites and attraction. This feature allows the people in the environment to create reliable strong family, where the hearts of two people of opposite characters come together in a reliable strong alliance for a long summer.

goldfish tattoo is so beautiful that it is difficult to guess whether this pattern can cause negative and negative emotions. Probably not, if such a pattern is made a professional experienced master.

Goldfish all peoples are portrayed in bright, rich colors, with large flowing tails and fins — photo goldfish tattoo confirmation. And this is no accident — thus emphasizes their grace, femininity and individuality. It becomes clear that such a figure in the current environment, women of different ages and professions.

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Photos and designs

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