49 Gorilla Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Gorilla tattoo meaning

Image animals tattoo — a very ancient tradition. It is a tribute to ancient totems which worshiped our ancient ancestors. Although the initial value of such images is partially lost, the popularity of tattoos with representatives of the animal world is only growing.

Tatu gorilla, as well as any other monkey has different and often opposing values. The fact that different cultures monkey ascribed various properties. In Europe, any primate image was sharply negative meaning, symbolizing passion, sin, cunning, lazy, and things like that. Eastern tradition, on the contrary, sees in these images only positive qualities — intelligence, humor, courage, loyalty and durability in combat.

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You should consider these features and to understand that the representatives of the different traditions of your tattoo gorilla will cause different associations.

In fact, the meaning of a tattoo gorilla will largely depend on the style patterning. Are important posture and emotional state of the animal shown. Naturalism and stylization of the image as well make their own adjustments. But all these images, regardless of tradition or styling, will have three characteristic values ​​- intelligence, strength and aggression


tattooed gorilla on any area of ​​the body. It is not difficult to guess the most profitable will look like tattooed in a vast area of ​​the back, chest or upper arm. Such images are selected, both men and women with a strong character, regardless of profession and activity.

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Photos and designs

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