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Grapes tattoo

Picture tattoo vine for most people will be exotic, unusual decision. This tattooed remarkable for us as for the lovers underwear painting primarily ample opportunities image.

Grapes can decorate any part of the body, thus effectively wrapping her ankle or arm. Vine tattoo can be displayed in a pattern, which gives one or another part of the body additional visual effects.

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What may represent a grape vine that adorns the human skin? The Greeks, for example, correlated branch of grapes with Dionysus, god of wine. This symbol is still inscribed on the frescoes and amphoras ancient Greece who find during the excavation. Christians believe that the vine brings to the house of peace and tranquility. Tattoo, the value of which also stands for a symbol of tolerance and strength according to Celtic legends, helps to find the determination and wisdom. It is known that grapes represents abundance and hospitality.

If you decide to draw on the skin grapes, a tattoo can be supplemented with elements such as butterflies, birds and insects. The tattoo can be placed on a particular area of ​​the body, as well as encircle or be along the back. The elegance of the pattern structure makes such an option Pictures vast field for the imagination. Form bracelet on the wrist or ankle will not be immediately evident, but at the same time draw attention to the beauty of the hand or a thin stalk.

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