25 Grenade Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Grenade tattoo meaning

Civilization develops, creating new symbols, which confidently takes its place in many areas of human life. New characters appeared in a tattoo. Fighting Hand Grenade — a fairly common image in the modern tattoo art. The reasons for its popularity are covered in considerable militarization of modern society, caused by not subside wars and local conflicts around the globe. Tattoo Grenade — one of the few characters that has the same value in all cultures and societies. When a grenade once there is association with military service and weapons .

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Grenades Tattoo — a relatively young tradition, therefore has no strict canons. It can be used on natural, almost photographic image, to comply with all the nuances and specific features, as well as stylized drawing in the old school. Each master has a huge number of sketches tattoo pomegranate for every taste. In our gallery you will see a large variety, which has this seemingly simple plot. Meaning tattoo pomegranate over specifically: the owner of the image signals of their explosive character and aggressiveness . Another value of tattoos can be the love of arms.

Special rules that specify where to put this picture does not exist. An interesting idea would be to place it in the area of ​​the wrist or make garter hanging on somewhere in the region of the lower leg. As a rule, a grenade stuffed currently no soldiers or special forces soldiers, and people are not serving, and sometimes even minors. Well, why not? Initially marketed as symbols of men absolutely, but it is a strict rule can not be named.


Risk, danger, originality

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Boxing gloves

Strength, durability

Photos and designs

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